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A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, Fourth Edition

(based on the third edition book by Bill Slavicsek, with additions and revisions by T. Rob Brown -- now includes
information from all six Star Wars motion pictures, newer books, comics, games, and d20 sourcebooks)

Keep in mind, this is a living document -- updates are made as I realize something is missing or as new Star Wars products are released. Only official Lucasfilm Ltd. productions, merchandise or other products will be entered. This project began in 2000 and continues on. The most recent updates were made Feb. 5, 2008.

Note: Bill Slavicsek is one of the premier Star Wars aficionados and RPG experts/creators in the United States. His credits to date include too many Star Wars West End Games editions to count (you can see many of those on the index portion of this guide), Diablo II Dungeons and Dragons edition plus the fastplay version included with every computer edition of Diablo II. I'm sure we'll see much more from this gaming wizard since he is now working for Wizards of the Coast (a division of Hasbro). His official capacity now at WotC is director of RPG Research & Development (R&D). He's also the lead designer of WOTC's Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The all-new Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition was just released in June 2007. Slavicsek reportedly saw the original Star Wars movie 38 times in the summer of 1977 and it changed his life. He has also been a columnist for Marvel Age Magazine, creative director of West End Games, and had written more than a dozen Star Wars game products (as of October 2000), as well as the second edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe. He lives in Washington with his wife, two cats, and more Star Wars “research material” than he ever imagined.

Note: T. Rob Brown is a veteran journalist who has had a love of everything Star Wars (except Jar Jar Binks) since seeing the original Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope at the drive-in theater during its first release in 1977. T. Rob is an avid Star Wars memorabilia collector (yes, he has a blue Snaggletooth), avid roleplaying and miniatures game master and player (he has been running Star Wars campaigns since the first edition by West End Games was released and has since gone on to create custom rules -- Great Sith War -- under d20 for the Old Republic era 4,000 years prior to the Galactic Civil War), has been a freelance writer for Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro's Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition (The Clone Wars Campaign Guide check it out on, avid Star Wars computer and console gamer (his favorites are Knights of the Old Republic, the classic X-Wing and TIE fighter, Galactic Battlegrounds, and the newer Empire at War for its space battles), and, of course, avid novel and comic reader. T. Rob has also been creating his own sci-fi and fantsy intellectual property novels and games. He also manages the Broodslayers guild for Neverwinter Nights.

1. “A Guide to the Star Wars Universe” was originally compiled by Raymond L. Velasco and was published in December 1984 by Del Rey/Ballentine Books.
2. “A Guide to the Star Wars Universe - Second Edition” was revised and expanded by Bill Slavicsek and was published in March 1994 by Del Rey/Ballentine Books.

3. “A Guide to the Star Wars Universe - Third Edition” was again revised and expanded by Bill Slavicsek and was published in 2000 by Del Rey/Ballentine Books.
4. “A Guide to the Star Wars Universe - Fourth Edition” is an unauthorized, revised, and expanded version by T. Rob Brown. It began publication in 2000 to present and is a “living” online version.

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