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    This group of (mostly) fifth-level characters, who adventure in the time just before "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," currently consists of a Human Scoundrel who goes by the name of Thrall Vadershoon -- he pilots the ship and makes all the illicit barters; Moon'on the Ithorian Jedi Guardian Padawan who is slowly becoming more confident with his lightsaber; Dro'Nel a Defel Scout who is nearly invisible in most average lighting situations; Jack Flack a Human Fringer who was recently left on Alderaan; Trad M. Pires a Human Scout who is currently hoping to be rescued from the clutches of an Imperial Moff; Eba Chunan a powerful Jedi Master who is teaching Moon'on the ways of the Force; and "sir-not-yet-appearing in this film," Malek Drake a Human Soldier. Together, this rag-tag group hopes to defeat the forces of the extremely-powerful Darth Kelth, a self-proclaimed Sith Lord who seeks to oust Darth Sidious, who rules from his throne as Emperor Palpatine. Their only hope is the power of an ancient crystal known only as the Nova Crystal but they have no idea how to even use it.

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