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Welcome to T. Rob's Star Wars Miniatures
(X refers to how many I have)

[x Very Rare Very Rares, x Rare Rares, x Uncommon Uncommons, x Common Commons, and x Known Special Known Specials]
Bounty Hunters 54/60 Basilisk War Droid Uncommon (HUGE) X2
Bounty Hunters 55/60 Mandalore the Indomitable Very Rare (Unique) X0
Bounty Hunters 56/60 Mandalorian Blademaster Uncommon X3
Bounty Hunters 57/60 Mandalorian Commander Uncommon X0
Bounty Hunters 58/60 Mandalorian Soldier Common X4
Bounty Hunters 59/60 Mandalorian Supercommando Uncommon X3
Bounty Hunters 60/60 Mandalorian Warrior Common X2
Legacy of the Force 53/60 Boba Fett, Mercenary Commander (Unique) Very Rare X0
Legacy of the Force 54/60 Canderous Ordo (Unique) Rare X0
Legacy of the Force 55/60 Mandalorian Gunslinger Uncommon X0
Legacy of the Force 56/60 Mandalorian Trooper 14 Uncommon X0
Legacy of the Force Promo Mandalorian Trooper (alternate paint) Known Special X1

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