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Chokra’s HeroScape Miniatures VYDAR Page

HeroScape has two main factions, basically good and evil but under other names, and then there are a few lesser factions...

VYDAR (the neutral faction, GRAY) consists of human agents (think Men in Black), primadons (cybernetic gorillas), and others.

KEY: Race Name, Unit Name, Unique/Common Status, Points, Set Name, Number, World of Origin, (Number I own)

DÜND, Unique Hero, 110 pts., from Orm's Return, 03/05, Feylund

Braxas, Unique Hero, 210 pts., from Raknar's Vision, 01/05, Icaria

Agent Carr, Unique Hero, 100 pts., from Rise of the Valkyrie, 08/30, Earth (X3)
Agent Skahen, Unique Hero, 120 pts., from Skahen's Rescue, 01/01, Earth (Gen Con 2008)
James Murphy, Unique Hero, 75 pts., from Zanafor's Discovery, 09/25, Earth
Krav Maga Agents, Unique Squad, 100 pts., from Rise of the Valkyrie, 09/30 to 11/30, Earth (X3)
Microcorp Agents, Common Squad, 100 pts., from Jandar's Oath, 11/24 to 13/24, Earth
Nakita Agents, Unique Squad, 120 pts., from Thora's Vengeance, 11/26 to 13/26, Earth
Otonashi, Unique Hero, 10 pts., from Defenders of Kinsland, 17/19, Earth

Gorillinators, Common Squad, 90 pts., from Jandar's Oath, 01/24 to 03/24, Marr
Laglor, Unique Hero, 110 pts., from Crest of the Valkyrie, 04/05, Marr

Major Q9, Unique Hero, 180 pts., from Raknar's Vision, 02/05, Alpha Prime
Major Q10
, Unique Hero, 150 pts., from Swarm of the Marro, 04/16, Alpha Prime
Major X17
, Unique Hero, 100 pts., from Zanafor's Discovery, 25/25, Alpha Prime
, Common Squad, 60 pts., from Thora's Vengeance, 24/24, Alpha Prime
Gladiatrons, Common Squad, 80 pts., from Zanafor's Discovery, 04/24 to 07/25, Alpha Prime

Sudema, Unique Hero, 140 pts., from Zanafor's Discovery, 24/25, Feylund

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