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Chokra's HeroScape Miniatures Factions Page

HeroScape has two main factions, basically good and evil but under other names, and then there are a few lesser factions...

UTGAR (the evil faction, RED) consists of orcs, undead (Marro), the powerful Soulborgs (robots), the Kyrie (planar), dragons, and several other evil sorts.

JANDAR (the good faction, WHITE) consists of Kyrie (planar), humans (from Vikings, to Celtic warriors, to Medieval knights, to U.S. cowboys, and World War II era U.S. military), some Soulborgs (robots), and several other do-gooders.

VYDAR (the neutral faction, GRAY) consists of human agents (think Men in Black), primadons (cybernetic gorillas), some Soulborgs (robots), and others.

ULLAR (the chaotic faction, GREEN) consists of Vipers (snake men), Elves, human monks, Kyrie (planar), dragons, and others.

EINAR (the lawful faction, GOLD) consists of humans (Romans, samurai, and ninja) and some Kyrie.

AQUILLA (the wild faction, LIGHT GREEN) consists of humans (monk).

MARVEL HEROES (the superhero faction, ORANGE) consists of humans and other beings.

MARVEL VILLAINS (the supervillain faction, DARK RED) consists of humans and other beings.

GLYPHS (no faction) consists of glyphs that can be used with the variant rules to add new features to the game.

OTHER (no faction) consists of special items or other pieces that have a card, such as the Fortress Door or the Breakable Wall Section.

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