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My friend Travis (aka Qorbane) was watching a program on TV. They had put together a set of top 20 lists featuring villains, heroes and vixens for all time. From what he saw, it included characters from comics, movies and TV.

Bad Guys. - He only got the top 15, the program had been on for a bit before he found it.

15 - Mummy
14 - Magneto (from X-Men)
13 - Dr. No (from James Bond)
12 - Dr. Evil (from Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery)
11 - Chucky
10 - Dr. Octopus (from Spider-Man)
9 - Dr. Doom (from Fantastic Four)
8 - Freddie Kruger
7 - Riddler / Penguin (from Batman)
6 - Hannible Lector
5 - Green Goblin (from Spider-Man)
4 - Lex Luthor (from Superman)
3 - Terminator (original T-800 version)
2 - Joker (from Batman)
1 - Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith (from Star Wars)

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