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Top 10 Ways To Tell if...
You Are a Lich

Ever had the funny feeling you just might happen to be a lich? Well, here's a great checklist to double check that fear...

10. You get more then dandruff flakes when you scratch your head.

9. The entrance way to your tower has a foot of dust in it, and you didn't sneeze when you cleaned it up.

8. You don't tan anymore, but your skin still flakes, in large chunks.

7. Your eyeballs fell out, and yet you can still see.

6. You stopped getting junk mail.

5. Young kids keep drawing caskets in the sand outside your tower.

4. The nearby city keeps sending priests to 'talk' with you.

3. The great-grandson of your first elven friend comes to visit asking if you can help with old age pains.

2. Your familiar starts avoiding you.

...and the number one way to tell if you're a lich.....

You realize you haven't eaten, slept or had a drink in the past decade.

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