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Top 10 Downsides...
Of Being a Wizard

Though they possess mighty powers of prestidigitation, there are many drawbacks to the wizard's life. Here are just a sampling of the drawbacks...

10. Long expeditions in dungeons make even umber hulks look sexy.
9. Constantly have to explain you are wearing a robe and NOT a dress!
8. Always losing games, lackluster fans, haven`t made the playoffs in over 10 years, overshadowed by Michael Jordan's presence. Oh, I'm sorry, that's Top 10 Downsides of being a Washington Wizard.
7. Have the least amount of hit points out of all of your friends.
6. Chicks dig swords, not wands.
5. Prismatic light spell attracts moths.
4. Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women, gets old after a while.
3. Insensitive taunts of "Rasputin."
2. Can cast fireball and lightning bolt spells, but still can't impress Britney Spears.
1. When telepathic powers let you see people's impure thoughts of Wolf Blitzer.

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