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Top 10 Signs...
Your DM is Too Easy

Some players dream of finding an easy DM, while others prefer a challenging DMing. If you're not sure which category your DM falls into, check out this list of warning signs...

1. The red dragon suddenly develops a chest cold, and cannot use its breath weapon.
2. Your party sneaks into the lich's secret dungeons. Luckily for them, the lich has been born-again, and sent all his undead minions off to do charity work for the poor.
3. The phrase "Oh geez, what do I need with another +5 vorpal longsword" is used during game play.
4. Your cleric is on a first-name basis with his god, because of all the times the god has had to pop in to save the cleric's butt.
5. Any major city has at least one "Ressurect-a-matic" on every street corner.
6. All the city's guards are first level, and are easily spooked by the flamefinger cantrip.
7. Bubba the Mighty, the most powerful and evil mage in the world, has a soft spot for fast-talking halflings. Instead of casting meteor swarm and annihilating the party, he decides to teleport away.
8. The party is dividing treasure. The fighter says "OK, who wants the staff of the magi? Anybody? Anyone at all? OK, we leave it leaning against a tree stump."
9. The DM uses a four sider to roll epic monster damage.
10. The gods in your campaign worship the player characters.

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