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Top 10 Signs...
You Angered the Villagers

Ever had the feeling, during a D&D campaign or other game, that possibly the villagers are angry at you? Here's a list to help you sort all that out, just to be sure...

1. The "interesting new stew" you've been served at the inn smells suspiciously like sewage.
2. One ripe apple at the market place costs more than your last spellbook.
3. They're building a gallows outside of your room at the inn. They try to tell you that it's "modern art."
4. One of them asks you for a donation for the "Hire Some Thugs to Kill the Adventurers" fund.
5. Someone glued a spike to your saddle.
6. At bedtime, your goose-down pillow explodes. The innkeeper said the pillow was made from the feathers of very angry geese.
7. People keep providing you with gifts of horses and maps showing the way out of town.
8. The mayor declares a special "Murder of Foreigners is No Longer Illegal" day, in your honor.
9. Arrows keep appearing in the dirt at your feet. Local villagers shake their head and claim they are fast-growing weeds.
10. The villagers hire a band of trolls to rid their town of adventurers.

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