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Grab your squad and use this information to get ready for your first Star Wars Miniatures skirmish.


Split Up Minis: Split the miniatures up among the players more or less evenly.

Stat Cards: Find the stat card that goes with each mini. Add up the costs of the members in each squad to be sure the squads are close to balanced.

Factions: Select if you want to be Republic, Imperial, Rebellion, Separatists or Fringe. You may also add Fringe into any of the other base factions.

Special Abilities and the Force: You can look these up in the rules booklet's glossary. If a special ability or Force power is marked with boxes, it can only be used once per box.


Battle Grid: Unfold the battle grid and lay it out. Sit at diagonally-opposite corners. (If you have more than two players, look in the rules booklet for how to set up.)

Terrain Tiles: Scatter terrain tiles around the battle grid. Leave spaces between the terrain tiles.

Squads: Place your squad on your starting position. The starting position will vary, depending on the map and the scenario being played.

Initiative: Once everything's set up, check the Rules Summary, roll initiative to see who goes first, and start fighting.


You win if you defeat the entire enemy squad.

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