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My Champions of the Force Checklist

(Bold indicates I need it; X indicates how many I have)

Total of 60+1 miniatures: 12 Very Rare Very Rares, 16 Rare Rares, 15 Uncommon Uncommons, 16 Common Commons, and 1 Known Special
COMPLETE SET: NO -- Need 6 Very Rare Very Rares, 6 Rare Rares, 0 Uncommon Uncommons, 0 Common Commons, and 0 Known Specials

1/60 Bastila Shan (Unique) Very Rare X1
2/60 Jedi Consular Uncommon X4
3/60 Jedi Guardian Uncommon X5
4/60 Jedi Sentinel Uncommon X4
5/60 Old Republic Commander Uncommon X3
6/60 Old Republic Soldier Common X7

7/60 Dark Jedi Uncommon - 16 X2
8/60 Dark Jedi Master Uncommon X2
9/60 Dark Side Enforcer Uncommon X2
10/60 Darth Bane (Unique) Very Rare X1
11/60 Darth Malak (Unique) Very Rare
12/60 Darth Nihilus (Unique) Very Rare X1
13/60 Exar Kun (Unique) Very Rare
14/60 Massassi Sith Mutant Uncommon X2
15/60 Sith Assault Droid Uncommon X4
16/60 Sith Trooper Common X6
17/60 Sith Trooper Common X3
18/60 Sith Trooper Commander Uncommon X2
19/60 Ulic Qel-Droma (Unique) Very Rare
PROMO Dark Jedi - 16 - X1

20/60 Barriss Offee (Unique) Rare X1
21/60 Clone Commander Bacara (Unique) Rare
22/60 Clone Commander Cody (Unique) Rare X1
23/60 Clone Commander Gree (Unique) Rare X1
24/60 Depa Billaba (Unique) Rare X1
25/60 Even Piell (Unique) Rare
26/60 General Windu (Unique) Rare X1
27/60 Jedi Padawan Uncommon X1
28/60 Jedi Weapon Master Uncommon X3
29/60 Kashyyyk Trooper Common X4
30/60 Mas Amedda (Unique) Rare
31/60 Queen Amidala (Unique) Rare
32/60 Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master (Unique) Rare
33/60 Republic Commando - Boss Uncommon X2
34/60 Republic Commando - Fixer Common X3
35/60 Republic Commando - Scorch Common X3
36/60 Republic Commando - Sev Common X6
37/60 Saleucami Trooper Common X7
38/60 Utapau Trooper Common X4

39/60 Crab Droid Uncommon X1
40/60 Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith (Unique) Rare X1
41/60 Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith (Unique) Rare X1
42/60 Octuptarra Droid Rare X1

43/60 Hoth Trooper with Atgar Cannon Rare X1
44/60 Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi (Unique) Very Rare
45/60 Yoda of Dagobah (Unique) Very Rare

46/60 Coruscant Guard Common X8
47/60 Dark Trooper Phase I Common X4
48/60 Dark Trooper Phase II Uncommon X5
49/60 Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith (Unique) Very Rare X1
50/60 Sandtrooper Common X4
51/60 Snowtrooper with E-Web Blaster Rare X1

52/60 Corran Horn (Unique) Rare
53/60 Jacen Solo (Unique) Very Rare X1
54/60 Jaina Solo (Unique) Very Rare

55/60 Arcona Smuggler Common X3
56/60 Gundark Uncommon X2
57/60 HK-47 (Unique) Very Rare X1
58/60 R5 Astromech Droid Common X5
59/60 Ugnaught Demolitionist Common X5
60/60 Varactyl Wrangler Common X7

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