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Colossal AT-AT Pack
Release Date: December 2005

1/1 AT-AT Imperial Walker Rare

The pride of the Imperial ground forces led by Gen. Veers in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the Imperial All-Terrain Armored Transport is a serious piece of machinery to be reckoned with even if one is solo.

Rebel forces at the Hoth ice planet base were forced to face several Imperial Walkers -- thus, the results were catastrophic. Due to the relentless attack of the walkers, the Rebel's shield generator was destroyed which in turn also stopped power to the ion cannon that aided in fire support for fleeing rebel ships. In the end, the Rebels were overran. Sith Lord Darth Vader and his troops took over the base in his search for young Luke Skywalker.

For many fans, the Imperial Walker was one of the greatest moments in Star Wars history (right behind Darth Vader's revelation to Luke Skywalker in the same film). You hear the pounding of the walkers before they ever approach... you feel the sense of impending doom for the Rebel forces. When you see these monstrosities of metal lumbering over the icescape for the first time, your heart almost stops. It's definitely not a place you would want to be if it were reality.

Now, the famous AT-AT can join your Imperial forces (or make up an entire 200-point army by itself) for the Star Wars Miniatures game by Wizards of the Coast.

This beast weighs in at 300 hit points and a decent defense of 13 -- but has no standard attack or damage statistics. Instead, what it has are move and attack counters. While any other miniature in the game has one activation per round (unless it is given another activation through some special ability or commander effect), the AT-AT pulls a mean six activations per turn. Of those six activations, though, four must be move activations. Just as with a regular army, the AT-AT (as an "Army of One" to quote the U.S. Army's advertisements) makes two activations per round. The other two activations per turn may be either a Heavy Laser Cannon attack or a Medium Blaster attack.

So what can this baby do? It features Accurate Shot, Colossal, Damage Reduction 20, Heavy Laser Cannon, Limited Field of Fire, Medium Blasters, Mounted Weapon, Relentless, Rigid, Staggered Activation 6, Stomp, Walk 2, Weak Spots 10.

In English, please? When it moves, it moves up to 2 squares per activation. If any characters occupy squares on its base or squares it moves into, they are immediately defeated if they do not make a save of 6. Because it is Colossal, Large and smaller creatures may occupy squares on the AT-AT's base and are considered adjacent. Also because it's Colossal, low objects and Large or smaller minis do not provide cover against the AT-AT's attacks. The AT-AT also ignores movement costs related to terrain types, never has cover, and cannot benefit from Bodyguard or Draw Fire. Its Damage Reduction is set at 20 from any non-adjacent enemy. Its Weak Spots 10 allows adjacent characters to only suffer a Damage Reduction of 10 instead of the 20 for ranged attacks. Accurate Shot allows the AT-AT to attack whatever target it chooses, even if it has cover and isn't the closest target. With its Limited Field of Fire, though, it can only target enemies in its forward arc. Because of its Mounted Weapon feature, it can only combine fire with allies that posses Mounted Weapon or adjacent allies with Gunner. Because it is Relentless, it can only move forward. Since it's Rigid, it can't squeeze. Also, it is not subject to commander effects. If you decide to use its Heavy Laser Cannon, the AT-AT can do massive damage via two attacks. Each attack is at +6 and deals 60 damage to the target it hits as well as 20 damage to each mini adjacent to the target (save 11 for adjacent minis). Even if the shot misses, it can still deal 20 damage to the target and all adjacent (save 11 for all minis affected). With two attacks on one activation, it's going to pack a whallop on some Rebel forces. It's secondary attack is its Medium Blaster, which is two attacks at +10, dealing 20 damage each.

Overall? This is one superior piece of machinery that could very well make lesser miniatures lose control of their bladder, if they had one.

Hasta la vista,

T. Rob Brown

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