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Welcome to T-Rob’s Superhero Guide

A Guide to the Superhero Universe, First Edition
(the heroes, villains, aliens, places, items and adventures of superherodom)

Compiled by T. Rob Brown
(Now includes information from Spider-Man comics with much more to come)

Note: T. Rob Brown is a veteran journalist who has had a love of everything Spider-Man since reading Marvel Comics as a child, teenager and on into later life. T. Rob is an avid Spider-Man memorabilia collector and numerous others, avid roleplaying and miniatures game master and player (he has been running game campaigns for more than a decade), avid Sci-Fi computer and console gamer (his favorite superhero game is City of Heroes/City of Villains), and, of course, avid novel and comic reader. T. Rob has also been creating his own sci-fi and fantasy intellectual property novels and games. For years he has been working on a comic book-style superhero named Animallian. He also manages the Broodslayers guild for Neverwinter Nights.

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