Welcome to Chokra's RPG books, minis, and related stuff list

A list of medieval fantasy and sci-fi RPG books owned by Chokra Broodslayer

TSR11550 D&D Player’s Handbook (Core Rulebook I)
TSR11551 D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide (Core Rulebook II)
TSR11552 D&D Monster Manual (Core Rulebook III)
TSR11634 D&D Into the Dragon’s Lair (Forgotten Realms) (adventure)
TSR11639 D&D Dungeon Master Screen
TSR11640 D&D The Sunless Citadel (adventure)
TSR11641 D&D Adventure Game (boxed set)
TSR11642 D&D Character Sheets
TSR11644 D&D The Forge of Fury (adventure)
TSR11647 D&D Hero Builder’s Guidebook
WTC11710 D&D Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor (Forgotten Realms) (adventure)
TSR11742 D&D Gazeteer (Greyhawk)
TSR11743 D&D Living Greyhawk Gazeteer
TSR11760 D&D Diablo II: Diablerie
WTC11829 D&D Sword & Fist (fighters & monks)
WTC11830 D&D The Speaker in Dreams (adventure)
WTC11831 D&D Diablo II: To Hell & Back
WTC11832 D&D Monsters of Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC11835 D&D Psionics Handbook
WTC11836 D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
WTC11838 D&D The Standing Stone (adventure)
WTC11840 D&D Defenders of the Faith (clerics & paladins)
WTC11843 D&D Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (large adventure)
WTC11845 D&D Tome & Blood (wizards & sorcerers)
WTC11847 D&D Heart of NightFang Spire (adventure)
WTC11850 D&D Manual of the Planes
WTC11852 D&D Enemies & Allies
WTC11855 D&D Deep Horizon (adventure)
WTC11964 D&D Magic of Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC11989 D&D Lords of Darkness (Forgotten Realms)
WTC12006 D&D E-Tools: Character and Monster Generator (PC software)
WTC12015 D&D Oriental Adventures
WTC17730 D&D Grasp of the Emerald Claw (Eberron) (adventure)
WTC17524 D&D Player’s Handbook 3.5 (Core Rulebook I)
WTC17665 D&D Unapproachable East (Forgotten Realms)
WTC17668 D&D Draconomicon, The Book of Dragons
WTC17741 D&D Lords of Madness, The Book of Aberrations
WTC17752 D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide 3.5 (Core Rulebook II)
WTC17755 D&D Monster Manual 3.5 (Core Rulebook III)
WTC17861 D&D The Ghostwind Campaign (Chainmail)
WTC17867 D&D Stormwrack
WTC17868 D&D Five Nations (Eberron)
WTC17869 D&D Explorer’s Handbook (Eberron)
WTC17921 D&D Monster Manual III
WTC17925 D&D Complete Arcane
WTC17928 D&D Races of the Wild
WTC17929 D&D Shining South (Forgotten Realms)
TSR21751 The Making of Dungeons & Dragons the Movie
WTC86400 D&D Eberron Campaign Setting (Eberron)
WTC86410 D&D Shadows of the Last War (Eberron) (adventure)
WTC86420 D&D Sharn: City of Towers (Eberron) (includes music CD)
WTC86430 D&D Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade (Eberron) (adventure)
WTC86990 DragonLance Campaign Setting (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
WTC88026 D&D Book of Exalted Deeds
WTC88158 D&D Savage Species (Playing Monstrous Characters)
WTC88159 D&D Arms and Equipment Guide
WTC88161 D&D Book of Vile Darkness
WTC88163 D&D Lord of the Iron Fortress (adventure)
WTC88164 D&D Masters of the Wild (barbarians, druids & rangers)
WTC88165 D&D Deities and Demigods
WTC88166 D&D Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook
WTC88167 D&D Bastion of Broken Souls (adventure)
WTC88168 D&D Book of Challenges, Dungeon Rooms, Puzzles, & Traps
WTC88169 D&D Epic Level Handbook
WTC88268 D&D Monster Manual II
WTC882917200 D&D Magic of Eberron (Eberron)
WTC88566 D&D Ghostwalk Campaign Option
WTC88567 D&D Silver Marches (Forgotten Realms)
WTC88574 D&D City of the Spider Queen (Forgotten Realms)
WTC88578 D&D Races of Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC88581 D&D Underdark (Forgotten Realms)
WTC88617 DragonLance Masters of DragonLance Art, forward by Margaret Weis (not gaming book)
WTC88661 D&D Fiend Folio
WTC88686 D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen and Encounters in Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC95005 D&D Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets (Eberron)
WTC9536374 D&D Voyage of the Golden Dragon (Eberron) (adventure)
WTC9536474 D&D Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin (adventure, 16-page booklet, two double-sided minis maps)
WTC9536872 D&D Player’s Guide to Eberron (Eberron)
WTC9536972 D&D Races of the Dragon
WTC9537472 D&D Players Handbook II
WTC9537572 D&D Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
WTC9537672 D&D Monster Manual IV
WTC9537774 D&D Fantastic Locations: Dragondown Grotto (adventure, 16-page booklet, two full-color double-sided minis maps)
WTC9537872 D&D Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
WTC9537972 D&D Dragons of Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC9539474 D&D The Twilight Tomb (Forgotten Realms) (adventure, Level 3)
WTC109277400 D&D Fortress of the Yuan-ti (adventure, Level 7)
WTC215287400 D&D DT4 Dungeon Tiles: Ruins of the Wild
WTC216017400 D&D DT5 Dungeon Tiles: Lost Caverns of the Underdark
WTC953667200 D&D Power of Faerun (Forgotten Realms)
WTC953827400 D&D Scourge of the Howling Horde (adventure, Level 1)
WTC953877200 D&D Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
WTC95391 D&D Basic Game (box set) second version of 3.5 (includes 12 painted miniatures, setup up sheet [40095391000001 EN], Advanced Rulebook [30095391000006 EN], Dungeon Master Book [30095391000005 EN], four double-sided tiles [54095391000001 EN 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B], counters, basic dice set, and character books for Regdar Human Fighter [30095391000001 EN], Dothal Dwarf Cleric [30095391000004 EN], Carn Human Rogue [30095391000003 EN], and Lanin Elf Wizard [30095391000002 EN])
WTC95392 D&D Player’s Kit (box set) (includes paperback version of Player’s Handbook Core Rulebook I v.3.5 [958067400], intro sheet [40095392000001 EN]]. Quick-Start Game Rules [30095392720002 EN], Quick-Start Chracter Creation [30095392720001 EN], heavy duty character record sheet, premium dice set, and a Solo Adventure [30095392720003 EN])
WTC953937200 D&D Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (campaign adventure Levels 6-10)
WTC955677200 D&D Secrets of Sarlona (Eberron)
WTC955697200 D&D Shadowdale the Scouring of the Land (Forgotten Realms)
WTC955687200 D&D Expedition to the Demonweb Pits (campaign adventure, Levels 9-12)
WTC956120000 D&D Three-Dragon Ante, a standalone card game for 2-6 players
WTC956847200 D&D Dungeonscape
WTC957257200 D&D Complete Scoundrel
WTC957287200 D&D The Forge of War (Eberron)
WTC957307400 D&D DT2 Dungeon Tiles: Arcane Corridors
WTC957317400 D&D DT3 Dungeon Tiles: Hidden Crypts
WTC957437200 A Practical Guide to Dragons (non-D&D)
WTC957477200 Dragons: Worlds Afire (4 novellas from R.A. Salvatore, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Keith Baker, and Scott McGough) (autographed by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and R.A. Salvatore)
WTC957557400 D&D Fantastic Locations: The Frostfell Rift (adventure, 16-page booklet, two full-color double-sided minis maps)
WTC957987400 D&D The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde (adventure Levels 1-6) (includes Campaign Guide 300-957987-40-001 EN, Player’s Guide 300-95798740-003 EN, Adventure Sites 300-95798740-002 EN, full-color image sheets of locations from Adventure Sites 300-95798740-004 EN, double-sided full-color minis map 63095798740001 EN, and folder)
WTC9580674 D&D Player’s Handbook, Core Rulebook I v.3.5 (paperback version)
WTC959787400 D&D City of Peril, (adventure, 16-page booklet, two full-color double-sided minis maps)
WTC959897200 A Practical Guide to Monsters (non-D&D) (autographed copy)
WTC96567 D&D Races of Stone
WTC96582 D&D Miniatures Handbook
WTC966470000 D&D Basic Game (box set) first version of 3.5 (includes 16 painted miniatures, setup sheet [40096647001 EN], First Adventure Book (for the Dungeon Master only) [300-96647-002-0 EN], Quick Start Rules [300-96647-001-0 EN], Advanced Rule Book [300-96647-003 EN], four double-sided tiles [54096647001 EN 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B], basic dice set, character sheets for Eberk Dwarf Cleric [40096647001 EN], Lidda Halfling Rogue [40096647001 EN], Regdar Human Fighter [40096647001 EN], and Aramil Elf Wizard [40096647001 EN])
WTC1076874 D&D DT1 Dungeon Tiles
WTC107627200 D&D Magic Item Compendium
WTC107977400 D&D The Sinister Spire (adventure, Level 5)
WTC109257200 D&D Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (campaign adventure, Levels 8-13)
WTC109287200 D&D Exemplars of Evil, Deadly Foes to Vex Your Heroes
WTC109297200 D&D Anauroch, The Empire of Shade (campaign adventure, Levels 9-13) (Forgotten Realms)
WTC215567200 D&D Elder Evils
WTC216227200 Red Dragon Codex (non-D&D)
WTC216470000 D&D DT7 Dungeon Tiles: Fane of the Forgotten Gods
WTC217110000 D&D DT6 Dungeon Tiles: Dire Tombs
N/A D&D Conversion Manual (2nd Ed. to 3.0)
N/A D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen 3.5 (from Dungeon magazine)
EMH-5 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Mark of Heroes, Gambit at Dreadhold (adventure)
EMH-11 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Mark of Heroes, The Graywall Incident (adventure)
EMH-12 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Mark of Heroes, Escape From Grea Tower (adventure)
XEC-1 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Crimson Codex Faction Adventure 1: Prophecy’s Unwitting Servant (adventure Levels 1-3)
XEC-3 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Blackwheel Company Faction Scenario 3: Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign: Marked Man (adventure Levels 2-5)
XEC-5 D&D Campaigns: Eberron: Covenant of Light Faction Adventure 5: Xen’drik Expeditions Campaign: Things Fall Apart (adventure Levels 4-8)
Living Greyhawk: Ambition’s Folly (one-round core introductory adventure)
Living Greyhawk: Trial by Fire (one-round core introductory adventure)
Living Greyhawk: A Dead Man’s Job (one-round core introductory adventure)
DDGD-2006 D&D Worldwide Game Day 2006 Adventure: Curse of Gethin Abbey (adventure for six Level 4s)
476009-9 SNT Dungeons & Dragons the Complete Animated Series (5 DVD box set) (Beneath the Blade of Sword Mountain D&D adventure in the D&D Animated Series Handbook -- character information, magic item guide and adventure supplement)
Dungeons & Dragons the Movie (DVD)
Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God (DVD)
Dungeons & Dragons: Scourge of Worlds (DVD)
Dungeons & Dragons: Scourge of Worlds, Special Collector’s Edition (DVD) (2-disc edition)

WTC217120000 D&D Roleplaying Game Starter Set (includes dice, dungeon tiles 1A and 1B (double-sided) 55521712000001 EN, dungeon tiles 2A and 2B (double-sided) 55521712000002 EN, dungeon tiles 3A and 3B (double-sided) 55521712000003 EN, and tokens 4A and 4B (double-sided) 55521742000004 EN, 4th Edition Quick-Start Rules booklet, and Dungeon Master's Book 300-21712000-002 EN with DM rules, adventures, and monsters)
WTC217187400 D&D H1 Keep on the Shadowfell (adventure Levels 1-3) (includes Fourth Edition Quick Start Rules)
WTC217207200 D&D Monster Manual
WTC217217400 D&D Character Record Sheets
WTC217367200 D&D Player’s Handbook
WTC217417400 D&D H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth (adventure Levels 4-6)
WTC217420000 D&D DU1 Dungeon Tiles: Halls of the Giant Kings
WTC217507200 D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
WTC217647400 D&D Scepter Tower of Spellgard (adventure Levels 2-4)
WTC217657200 D&D Arcane Power, Options for Bards, Sorcerers, Swordmages, Warlocks, and Wizards
WTC217807200 A Practical Guide to Dragon Riding (non-D&D)
WTC217827400 D&D P2 Demon Queen's Enclave (adventure Levels 14-17 - Paragon Tier)
WTC217837200 D&D Adventurer's Vault, Arms and Equipment for All Character Classes
WTC217887200 D&D Draconomicon, Chromatic Dragons
WTC217897200 D&D Martial Power, Options for fighters, rangers, rogues, and warlords
WTC218167200 D&D A Reader's Guide to R.A. Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt (Forgotten Realms)
WTC218247200 Bronze Dragon Codex (non-D&D)
WTC218287200 D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (Forgotten Realms)
WTC218307400 D&D Dungeon Master's Screen
WTC218497400 D&D P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens (adventure Levels 11-13 - Paragon Tier)
WTC218587200 D&D Forgotten Realms Player's Guide (Forgotten Realms)
WTC218637400 D&D H3 Pyramid of Shadows (adventure Levels 7-10)
WTC218927400 D&D P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress (adventure Levels 17-20 - Paragon Tier)
WTC218937200 D&D Manual of the Planes
WTC218987200 D&D Player's Handbook 2
WTC219060000 D&D DU3 Dungeon Tiles: Caves of Carnage
WTC222127600 D&D Fourth Edition Core Rulebook Collection (box set includes three core books)
WTC239457200 D&D Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead
WTC239657200 D&D Eberron Player's Guide (Eberron)
WTC239667200 D&D Monster Manual 2
WTC239677400 D&D E1 Death's Reach (adventure Levels 21-23 - Epic Tier)
WTC239877200 D&D Dungeon Delve
WTC241870000 D&D Fighter Power Cards
WTC242740000 D&D Paladin Power Cards
WTC242780000 D&D Warlord Power Cards
N/A D&D Escape from Sembia (Forgotten Realms) (D&D Game Day) (adventure Level 1, introductory)
N/A D&D One Dark Night in Weeping Briar (D&D Game Day) (adventure Level 11, introductory to Player's Handbook 2)

GMG4371 GM Gems: A Collection of Game Master Inspiration (Goodman Games)
GMG9701 Character Codex (Goodman Games)

I survived the Tomb of Horrors
I Brake for Kobolds
I Played D&D Before it was Cool
Don’t Make Me Roll for Initiative!
Beholder on Board





17859 Monsters II (boxed set): 2 Goblin Troopers, 2 Ghouls, Drow Warrior, Crazed Minotaur Cultist, 2 Hyenas
40024 Diablo II Heroes (boxed set)
40044 Dire Rat
40050 Displacer Beast
40054 Celestial Eagle (X2)
88266 Male Half-Orc Assasin
88284 Lizard Folk (X2)
88286 Paladin, Human Male
88287 Minotaur Skeleton
88288 Troglodyte with Long Spear (X2)
88466 Heroes II (boxed set): Dwarf Fighter, Halfling Sneak, Dwarf Cleric, Aasimar Cleric, Human Templar, Human Swiftwing Disciple
96288 Dragons I (boxed set): Tiefling Fighter, Very Young Red Dragon, 2 Abyssal Skulkers
96291 Heroes III (boxed set): Human Glaiver, Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist, Dwarf Zealot, Wood Elf Scout, Human Sorcerer, Half-Orc Fighter

17627 Very Young Red Dragon (Naresh) 75 pts
17678 Human Glaiver (Thalos) 8 pts
88050 Halfling Sneak (Ahmut) 10 pts (X2)
88100 Human Swiftwing Disciple (Thalos) 7 pts
88110 Slaughterpit Zombie Gnoll (Ahmut) 15 pts
88120 Goblin Trooper (Drazen’s Horde) 3 pts (X2)
88140 Abyssal Skulker 2 pack (Naresh) 7 pts each (X2)
88300 Crazed Minotaur Cultist (Ahmut) 25 pts
88310 Drow Warrior (Kilsek), 10 pts
88344 Hyena (Naresh) 4 pts (X3)
88345 Human Sorcerer (Thalos) 22 pts C2 (X2)
88347 Half-Orc Fighter (Ahmut) 13 pts C2 (X2)
88348 Dwarf Cleric (Mordengard) 14 pts C3
88350 Gnoll Ranger (Naresh) 16 pts
88351 Human Marine (Thalos) 5 pts
88353 Battered Skeletal Troll (Ahmut) 22 pts (X5)
88356 Abyssal Ravager (Naresh) 25 pts
88357 Centaur Trooper (Ravilla) 19 pts
88358 Skeletal Orc 2 pack (Ahmut) 6 pts each
88362 Hammerer (Thalos) 22 pts (X2)
88370 Tiefling Fighter (Naresh) 19 pts C2
88380 Ghoul 2 pack (Ahmut) 14 pts each (X2)
88450 Aasimar Cleric (Thalos) 18 pts C4
88490 Grimlock Trooper 2 pack (no faction) 9 pts each (plus, pack included one
extra trooper for total of three)
88530 Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist (Ravilla) 12 pts
88700 Human Paladin (Thalos) 17 pts
88701 Human Glaiver (Thalos) 8 pts
88702 Gnome Infiltrator (Thalos) 8 pts
88703 Demonic Gnoll Adept (Naresh) 15 pts C3
88704 Abyssal Maw (Naresh) 8 pts
88705 Gnoll Trooper (Naresh) 5 pts
88707 Wood Elf Scout (Ravilla) 9 pts
88709 Human Death Cleric (Ahmut) 14 pts C4
88710 Skeletal War Dogs 2 pack (Ahmut) 7 pts each (X3)
88712 Zombie Troglodyte 2 pack (Ahmut) 10 pts each (X4)
88713 Orc Druid (Drazen’s Horde) 12 pts each (X3)
88714 Goblin Scout 2 pack (Drazen’s Horde) 6 pts each (X2)
88715 War Ape (Drazen’s Horde) 14 pts
88716 Dwarf Fighter (Mordengard) 16 pts C3
88717 Dwarf Scorcher (Mordengard) 5 pts (X3)
88718 Dwarf Shock Trooper (Mordengard) 5 pts (X3)
88880 Human Templar (Thalos) 18 pts
96104 Dwarf Zealot (Mordengard) 14 pts

2007 Domur Hunters Moon
2032 Unthar Godshand
2041 Erin of the Flame
2068 Lucrella, Lich Queen
2072 Darius the Blue
2081 Fog Wraith
2082 King Angus Stormhand
2092 St. Tarkus, Dire-Dead
2097 Ivan Von Helstein (vampire)
2101 Jade of the Veils
2103 Murkillor the Wraith
2125 Ghost Warrior
2135 King Norin Silverbeard
2142 Beorn the Mighty
2144 Eric Swiftblade
2156 Mummy of Hakir
2185 Mummy Rising
2218 Abraxus, Dire-Dead
2226 Eldarion
2295 King Jurgen Heyerdal
2296 Wight of Westbarrow
2298 Damon Nashorn
2307 Jos Gebblar
2364 Protector of Souls
2371 Nord Kegbreaker
2400 Neanderthal Champion
2425 Eli Quicknight
2437 Captain Razig X2
2448 Dancing Girls
2449 Callus Darklore
2468 The Unholy Warrior
2482 Fronc Jeaunoir
2483 Mangu Timur
2484 Mummy Lord of Hakir
2485 Egyptian Sorceress
2490 Black Legionnaire
2491 Scarab Beetle Swarm
2499 Tomb Wraith
2507 Khalith, Mummy King
2509 Mother Superior
2514 Kang, Half Orc
2515 Krunkh, Bugbear Chief
2525 Murkillor, Wraith King
2530 Angel of Death
2531 Dobbin, Halfling
2546 Death Shroud
2548 Merchant & Henchmen
2552 Elisha Lightedge
2553 Sorceress & Servant
2561 Vaaron, Fire Sorcerer
2580 Altar of Evil w/Victim
2586 Nabin, Desert Ranger
2594 Egyptian Priestess
2625 Akibeth, Heroic Pharaoh
2627 Medieval Sarcophagus
2646 Prince of the Undead
2650 Nayanna Female Fighter
2654 Narglauth, Fire Demon
2667 Halfling Wizard
2705 Skeletal Dragon
2707 Dwarf Wizard
2724 Egyptian Sarcophagus
2734 Egyptian Statue - Anubis
2735 Baerwyn, Elf Archer
2748 Sir David
2797 Taenar, Cultist Leader
3007 Egyptian Cat Statue
3008 Egyptian Jackal Statue
3091 Logos, Savage Warrior
3119 Rafael, Vampire Noble
3159 Aeslin, Half-Elf Wizardess
3160 Krass Omenthrall
6059 Mummy Tomb Guardians
10010 Mossbeard the Treeman with Ariel the Dryad
14004 Ymrilix, Anti-Paladin (Warlord)
14006 Syphrilia, Succubus (Warlord)
14007 Minotaur of the Maze (Warlord)
14011 Crypt Bat Lord (Warlord)
14026 Ankhenet Mummy (Warlord)
14035 Balthon, Evil Priest (Warlord)
14048 Fatima (Warlord)
14052 Azarphan (Warlord)
14062 Orba Sinhan (Warlord)
14064 Mummy Captain (Warlord)
20015 Minotaur of the Maze (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20016 Elf Archer (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20017 Ghost (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20018 Great Worm (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20020 Human Warrior: Evil (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20021 Bathalian (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20022 Human Warrior: Good (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
20023 Human Female Ranger (Legendary Encounters) (pre-painted plastic)
Casket Works Reaper catalog, issues 7, 24

WGE-201 Anubi Harbinger w/Battle-Scyt

Jafa of Apophis w/staff weapon

DPCON Gelatinous Cube (Dark Platypus Studio)

Dr. Wizard’s Patented Elevation Indicator X2
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator, HUGE Extender X1
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator, LARGE Extender X1
Dr. Wizard’s Invisibility Tokens X5
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator set of bands (white - ice) X1
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator set of bands (red - fire/lava) X1
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator set of bands (turquoise - water) X1
Dr. Wizard’s Elevation Indicator set of bands (green - grass/land) X1

NO LONGER OWN: AG3200 Three Days to Kill
NO LONGER OWN: AG3201 Thieves in the Forest
NO LONGER OWN: AG3202 In the Belly of the Beast
NO LONGER OWN: AG3203 The Tide of Years
NO LONGER OWN: AG3204 Touched by the Gods (Cults & Cabals Sourcebook)
NO LONGER OWN: AG3206 Maiden Voyage
NO LONGER OWN: AG3207 En Route, Encounter Sourcebook
AG3210 Backdrops, Read-to-use Locations for Any Fantasy Campaign
NO LONGER OWN: AG3211 The Ebon Mirror (adventure for level 8-10)
NO LONGER OWN: AG3212 Seven Strongholds (D20 Sourcebook of Fortresses and Fortifications)
NO LONGER OWN: AG3214 Occult Lore
NO LONGER OWN: AG3400 Burning Shaolin (Feng Shui)
NO LONGER OWN: AGL0001 Dramatis Personae: Campaign Ready NPCs (Archangel Studios)
NO LONGER OWN: APL091 The Last Days of Constantinople (Byzantine Empire)
NO LONGER OWN: APL902 Ragnarok! (Tales of the Norse Gods)
NO LONGER OWN: APL903 The Lost Norse Colony (Greenland Saga)
NO LONGER OWN: APL904 Jade and Steel, Roleplaying in Mythic China
NO LONGER OWN: APL905 Twilight of Atlantis
NO LONGER OWN: APL907 Vlad the Impaler: Blood Prince of Wallachia
NO LONGER OWN: APL908 Doom of Odin (Tales of the Norse Gods)
NO LONGER OWN: APL909 Black Flags, Piracy in the Caribbean
NO LONGER OWN: APL912 I, Mordred, The Fall and Rise of Camelot
NO LONGER OWN: APL913 All for One and One for All
NO LONGER OWN: APL916 Aztecs, Empire of the Dying Sun
AUG1003 Sanctuary (includes CD with music, 3D scenes, more)
BA03201 Grim Tales, Rules Resource and Campaign Toolkit (High Adventure, Low Magic) (Badaxe Games)
BA03301 The Book of Unusual Treasures (Badaxe Games)
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1000 Minions, Fearsome Foes
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1001 Arms & Armor
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1002 Villains
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1003 Alchemy & Herbalists
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1004 Spells & Magic
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1006 Guildcraft
NO LONGER OWN: BAS1007 Pale Designs: A Poisoner’s Handbook
NO LONGER OWN: BAS2000 Darkwalkers, The Evil Within
NO LONGER OWN: BAS5001 Friends & Familiars (Legends Collection)
NO LONGER OWN: BBA #1.1 The Grande Temple of Jing
NO LONGER OWN: BBA #2.1 Assault on Darkspyre
NO LONGER OWN: BIP00001 The Lords of the Night: Vampires
NO LONGER OWN: CFE4001 The Horror Beneath
NO LONGER OWN: CFE4101 In the Depths of Blackwater (Book One of the DarkWar Saga)
NO LONGER OWN: CH2017 Dragon Lords of Melnibane (Worlds of the Eternal Champion)
NO LONGER OWN: CIT001 The Secret of Greenrock (Hero’s Journey)
NO LONGER OWN: CIT002 Castle Dunmere (Hero’s Journey)
NO LONGER OWN: EDN7001 Akrasia Thief of Time (Eden Odyssey)
NO LONGER OWN: EDN7002 Wonders Out of Time (Eden Odyssey)
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2004 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils
FAF2005 Rings of Power (Core Rulebook)
FAF2006 Swords of Power
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2007 Demonic Lairs
FAF2009 Wondrous Items of Power
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2010 Dungeon World Universe
FAF2011 Enchanted Locations: A d20 Fantasy Map Accessory
FAF2012 Devilish Dens
FAF2017 Occult Items of Power, An Arcane Collection of Occult Artifacts and Evil Relics
FAF2018 Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs
FAF2020 Encyclopedia of Weaponry
FAF2022 Catacombs (Dungeon World)
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2026 Deadliest Creatures Tome
FAF2027 Devlish Devices, A Collection of Fiendish Relics and Nefarious Treasures
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2500 Green Races, A Monstrous Campaign Setting
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2502 The Complete Monstrous Fighter’s Compendium
NO LONGER OWN: FAF2600 Sundered Reaches Campaign Setting
FAF2700 R.A. Salvatore’s Demon Wars Campaign Setting (authographed by R.A. Salvatore)
NO LONGER OWN: FDP1000 Nemoren’s Vault
NO LONGER OWN: FDP1001 The Silver Summoning
NO LONGER OWN: FDP2000 To Stand on Hallowed Ground (Swords Against Deception, The Ghost Machine)
NO LONGER OWN: FDP4000 Demons & Devils, Counter Pack
NO LONGER OWN: FDP4001 Tribes, Clans & Cults, Counter Pack 2
NO LONGER OWN: FDP4006 Dragons, Counter Pack
FDP4101 Starships, Future Tiles (Skeleton Key Games, Fiery Dragon)
NO LONGER OWN: GHS1000 The Succubus Bride (The Domains of Althios)
NO LONGER OWN: GHS1001 A Green Place to Die (The Domains of Althios)
NO LONGER OWN: GHS1002 A Thief’s Tale (The Domains of Althios)
NO LONGER OWN: GHS1003 Red or White (The Domains of Althios)
NO LONGER OWN: GMG2004 Aerial Adventure Guide: Sky Captain’s Handbook (Goodman Games)
GMG XCrawl Dungeonbattle Brooklyn (Introductory Adventure, Level 1) (Goodman Games)
GMG Dungeon Crawl Classics #51.5: The Sinister Secret of Whiterock (Adventure, Levels 1-3) (Goodman Games)
GMG4700 Wicked Fantasy Factory #0: Temple of Blood (Level 1 Adventure) (Goodman Games)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1002 Death in Freeport
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1003 Terror in Freeport
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1004 Madness in Freeport
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1005 Legions of Hell (Book of Fiends, Vol. 1)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1006 Hell in Freeport
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1009 Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts, Monsters from the East
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1011 Societies of Magic (Arcana)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1013 The Shaman’s Handbook (Master Class)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1014 Secret College of Necromancy (Arcana)
GRR1016 Ultramodern Firearms
GRR1018 Skull & Bones, Swashbuckling Horror in the Golden Age of Piracy (Mythic Vistas)
GRR1019 Testament, Roleplaying in the Biblical Era (Mythic Vistas)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1021 Todd Gamble’s Cartographica Journal of Maps, Settings, Sites and Plans, Volume 1
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1102 Wrath & Rage, A Guidebook to Orcs & Half-Orcs (Races of Renown)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1103 Plot & Poison, A Guidebook to Drow (Races of Renown)
NO LONGER OWN: GRR1105 Fang & Fury, A Guidebook to Vampires (Races of Renown)
GRR1502 Modern Player’s Companion (d20 Modern) (The Game Mechanics)
GRR3004 The Deck of Many Things (Game Accessory)
GRR N/A Holiday in the Sun (Freeport) download
HR01 Redline, High-Speed Road Duels in a Post-Apocalyptic Future (Horizon)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1000 D&D Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1100 D&D The Root of All Evil (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1101 D&D Forging Darkness (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1102 D&D Player’s Guide (Kingdoms of Kalamar) (Rulebook IV)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1103 D&D Harvest of Darkness (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1104 D&D Midnight’s Terror (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1105 D&D Aldriv’s Revenge (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: K&C1107 D&D Siren’s Prize (Kingdoms of Kalamar)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0001 The Slayer’s Guide to Hobgoblins
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0002 The Slayer’s Guide to Gnolls
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0003 The Slayer’s Guide to Centaurs
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0004 The Slayer’s Guide to Troglodytes
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0005 The Slayer’s Guide to Amazons
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0006 The Slayer’s Guide to Sahuagin
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0007 The Slayer’s Guide to Bugbears
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0008 The Slayer’s Guide to Trolls
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0009 The Slayer’s Guide to Dragons
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0010 The Slayer’s Guide to Orcs
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0012 The Slayer’s Guide to Medusas
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0018 The Slayer’s Guide to Kobolds
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0020 The Slayer’s Guide to Goblins
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0022 The Slayer’s Guide to Giants
NO LONGER OWN: MGP0023 The Slayer’s Guide to Demons
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1001 Encyclopedia Arcane: Demonology, The Dark Road
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1002 Encyclopedia Arcane: Necromancy, Beyond the Grave
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1003 Encyclopedia Arcane: Chaos Magic, Wild Sorcery
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1004 Encyclopedia Arcane: Constructs, It Is Alive
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1005 Encyclopedia Arcane: Battle Magic, The Eldritch Storm
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1006 Encyclopedia Divine: Shamans, The Call of the Wild
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1007 Encyclopedia Divine: Fey Magic, Dreaming the Reverie
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1008 Encyclopedia Arcane: Elementalism, The Primordial Force
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1009 Encyclopedia Arcane: Chronomancy, The Power of Time
NO LONGER OWN: MPG1012 Encyclopedia Arcane: Illusionism, Smoke and Mirrors
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1019 Encyclopedia Arcane: Tomes and Libraries, Secrets of the Written Word
NO LONGER OWN: MGP1050 Monster Encyclopaedia Volume 1: Ravagers of the Realms
NO LONGER OWN: MGP2001 Gladiator, Sands of Death
NO LONGER OWN: MGP3001 Seas of Blood, Fantasy on the High Seas (Traveller’s Tales)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP3004 Travelers’ Tales, Ships of War
NO LONGER OWN: MGP3005 Crusades of Valour (When Gods Collide)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4001 The Quintessential Warrior, Collector Series Book One
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4002 The Quintessential Rogue, Collector Series Book Two
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4003 The Quintessential Cleric, Collector Series Book Three
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4004 The Quintessential Wizard, Collector Series Book Four
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4005 The Quintessential Elf, Collector Series Book Five
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4006 The Quintessential Dwarf, Collector Series Book Six
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4007 The Quintessential Monk, Collector Series Book Seven
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4010 The Quintessential Druid, Collector Series Book Ten
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4011 The Quintessential Samurai, Collector Series Book Eleven
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4404 The Quintessential Wizard II, Advanced Tactics Book Four (3.5)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP4408 The Quintessential Druid II, Advanced Tactics Book Eight (3.5)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP5001 Skraag, City of Orcs (Cities of Fantasy)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP5002 Stormhaven, City of a Thousand Seas (Cities of Fantasy)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP5003 Highthrone, City Above the Clouds (Cities of Fantasy)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP6001 Feuerring, Gateway to Hell (The Planes)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP6002 Zahhak, Ashen Waste of the Abyss (The Planes)
NO LONGER OWN: MGP9002 Ultimate Feats, Supplementary Rulebook II
MGP9003 Ultimate Equipment Guide, Supplemental Rulebook III
MGP9014 Ultimate Equipment Guide Volume 2, Supplemental Rulebook XIV
NO LONGER OWN: MKY1101 Tales from the Blood Plateau: Caravan of Hope
NO LONGER OWN: MKY1102 Tales from the Blood Plateau: The Mask of Marruk
MKY2100 From Stone to Steel, A d20 System Guide to Arms & Armor from the Stone-age to the Renaissance
MOG1003 Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying Game
MWP1004 A Player’s Guide to Castlemourn (Castlemourn), Ed Greenwood (autographed by Ed Greenwood)
NO LONGER OWN: MYG0002 The Pit of Loch-Durnan (The Hunt, Rise of Evil)
NO LONGER OWN: MYG0003 Nightmares & Dreams, A Creature Collection (The Hunt, Rise of Evil)
NO LONGER OWN: MYG0004 Mystic Warriors, A Warriors Sourcebook (The Hunt, Rise of Evil)
MYG0402 Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns
NO LONGER OWN: PCI1001 The Spear of Lohgin
NO LONGER OWN: PCI1002 Blood Reign of Nishanpur (Arcanis)
NO LONGER OWN: PCI1004 The Bloody Sands of Sicaris (Arcanis)
NO LONGER OWN: PCI1101 Codex Arcanis
NO LONGER OWN: RPO3002 Blood and Fists, Modern Martial Arts
NO LONGER OWN: SGL1001 Brotherhood of Prophecy
NO LONGER OWN: SVP3001 Sovereign Stone (Campaign Sourcebook)
NO LONGER OWN: SVP3002 Sovereign Stone Codex Mysterium
NO LONGER OWN: SVP3003 Sovereign Stone Bestiary of Loerem
SVP4001 DragonLance Age of Mortals (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4002 DragonLance War of the Lance (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4003 DragonLance Legends of the Twins (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4202 DragonLance Spectre of Sorrows (Age of Mortals Campaign, Vol. 2) (DragonLance)
SVP4203 DragonLance Price of Courage (Age of Mortals Campaign, Vol. 3) (DragonLance)
SVP4204 DragonLance Dragons of Autumn (War of the Lance Campaign, Vol. 1) (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4205 DragonLance Dragons of Winter (War of the Lance Campaign, Vol. 2) (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4402 DragonLance Holy Orders of the Stars (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4406 DragonLance Dragons of Krynn (DragonLance) (autographed copy)
SVP4903 DragonLance Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: The War of the Lance (DragonLance)
SVP4904 DragonLance Tasslehoff’s Map Pouch: Legends (DragonLance)
NO LONGER OWN: TLG1202 Dzeebagd, Under Dark and Misty Ground
NO LONGER OWN: TLG1203 Felsentheim: Dogs of War
NO LONGER OWN: TLG1401 A Lion in the Ropes
NO LONGER OWN: TLG1601 The Malady of Kings
TLG NGU1 The Mother of All Encounter Tables (Necromancer Games)
NO LONGER OWN: TLG Castles & Crusades: Quick Start Rules plus Castle Zagyg Adventure - The Workhouse of Yggsburgh Town (Troll Lord Games) (Siege Engine)
NO LONGER OWN: TLG Castles & Crusades: Wilderlands of High Adventure: Imperial Town of Tell QA: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire (Adventure Games Publishing) (Siege Engine)
NO LONGER OWN: VGC1101 A Distant Echo (Axandar)
NO LONGER OWN: W-1 What’s That Smell? (multi-module)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8300 S&S Creature Collection (Core Rulebook)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8301 S&S Creature Collection II: Dark Menagerie (Core Rulebook)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8310 S&S Relics & Rituals (Core Rulebook)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8311 S&S The Divine and the Defeated, A Sourcebook of Deities & Demi-Gods (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8312 S&S The Wise & the Wicked, sourcebook (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8313 S&S DM Screen & DM Screen Companion (including The Shrine of Madness and Kadum’s Horn adventures) (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8314 S&S Relics & Rituals II: Lost Lore (Sourcebook)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8320 S&S Scarred Lands Gazetteer (Ghelspad)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8321 S&S Mithril, City of the Golem (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8322 S&S Hollowfaust, City of Necromancers (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8325 S&S Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad
NO LONGER OWN: WW8326 S&S Burok Torn: City Under Siege
NO LONGER OWN: WW8330 S&S Vigil Watch, Warrens of the Ratment (Scarred Lands)
NO LONGER OWN: WW8350 S&S W1 The Crucible of Freya
NO LONGER OWN: WW8351 S&S D1 The Tomb of Abysthor
NO LONGER OWN: WW8354 S&S L1 Demons & Devils
NO LONGER OWN: WW8360 S&S R1 Rappan Athuk, The Dungeon of Graves: The Upper Levels
NO LONGER OWN: WW8361 S&S R2 Rappan Athuk 2, The Dungeon of Graves: The Middle Levels
NO LONGER OWN: WW8370 S&S G1 The Siege of Durgam’s Folly
NO LONGER OWN: WW8380 S&S M1 Prisoners of the Maze
NO LONGER OWN WW8387 S&S The Tome of Horrors, A Folio of Fiends Malevolent and Benign
WW8390 S&S Gary Gygax’s Necropolis
WW15000 S&S Ravenloft (Core Rulebook)
WW15001 S&S Ravenloft Gamemaster Screen and Secrets of the Dread Realms
WW15002 S&S Ravenloft Denizens of Darkness (Core Rulebook)
WW15003 S&S Ravenloft Champions of Darkness (Campaign Setting Supplement)
WW15004 S&S Ravenloft Dungeon Master’s Guide (Core Rulebook)
WW15006 S&S Ravenloft Denizens of Dread (3.5 Core Rulebook)
WW15010 S&S Ravenloft Van Richten’s Arsenal, Volume I
WW15011 S&S Ravenloft Van Richten’s Guide to the Walking Dead
WW15020 S&S Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume I
WW15021 S&S Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume II
WW15022 S&S Ravenloft Gazetteer, Volume III
NEED: Ravenloft Gazzetteer, Volume IV
WW15030 S&S Ravenloft Heroes of Light (Campaign Setting Supplement)
NO LONGER OWN: WW16000 S&S Nature’s Fury (Fiery Dragon productions)
NO LONGER OWN: WW16001 S&S The Giant’s Skull (Fiery Dragon productions)
NO LONGER OWN: WW16010 S&S Of Sound Mind, a Psionic Fantasy Adventure
NO LONGER OWN: WW16116 A Player’s Guide to Ptolus
NO LONGER OWN: WW16040 S&S Counter Collection I: The Usual Suspects (Fiery Dragon productions), In the Company of Snule adventure
NO LONGER OWN: WW16041 S&S Counter Collection II: More Characters, Creatures, and Monsters, also new prestige classes and magic items
NO LONGER OWN: WW16110 S&S Demon God’s Fane (Eldritch Might)
NO LONGER OWN: WW16140 S&S Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed, A Variant Player’s Handbook
NO LONGER OWN: WW16150 S&S If Thoughts Could Kill (Psionics Accessory/Adventure)
NO LONGER OWN: WW16500 S&S Everquest Player’s Handbook
NO LONGER OWN: WW17200 D&D S&S Warcraft the Roleplaying Game (D&D 3.5)
NO LONGER OWN: WW05778 White Wolf Quarterly Vol. 1.1 (Jan. - March, 2003), plus Sword & Sorcery Insider
NO LONGER OWN: WW05779 White Wolf Quarterly Vol. 1.2 (April - June, 2003), plus Sword & Sorcery Insider
NO LONGER OWN: 02-601 d20 Mecha (BESM d20)
NO LONGER OWN: 02-603 Character Folio (BESM d20 and d20 Mecha)
DDD The Bottomless Cavern, map and mini adventure (Dungeon Delvers Depot)

1001128 Chain Shirt, +1 of Electricity Resistance, Rarity: Medium A, GP Value 19,250
1001174 Wand, Fireball (Level 5), Rarity: Medium A, GP Value 11,250
1001247 Divine Scroll, Energy Drain, Rarity: Medium B, GP Value 3,825
1001285 Arcane Scroll, Finger of Death, Rarity: Minor A, GP Value 2,275
1001323 Cloak of Resistance +1, Rarity: Minor B, GP Value 1,000
1001363 Potion, Cat’s Grace, Rarity: Minor B, GP Value 300

NO LONGER OWN 8301-8317, 8319-8326, 8328-8337, 8348
NO LONGER OWN: AEG3104 Legend of the Five Rings: Creatures of Rokugan (Oriental Adventures)
AEG8327 Dungeons
NO LONGER OWN: AEG8502 Dragons
NO LONGER OWN: AEG8509 Monster
NO LONGER OWN: AEG8511 Mercenaries
NO LONGER OWN: AEG8514 Toolbox
AEG8516 Relics

NO LONGER OWN Series I & II: 1-16
DD17 Traps & Treachery (Core Rulebook)
NO LONGER OWN: DD18 Mythic Races (Character Race Compendium)
NO LONGER OWN: DD27 Seafarer’s Handbook (Fantasy Adventure on the High Seas)
NO LONGER OWN: DD28 Spells and Spellcraft (Compendium of Mystic Lore)
DD29 Traps & Treachery II, A Sourcebook of More Deadly Machinations
NO LONGER OWN: DD30 Path of the Sword, A Character Resource for Barbarians, Fighters, Monks and Rangers
NO LONGER OWN: DD32 Monster’s Handbook, A Sourcebook for Creating and Customizing D20 System Monsters
NO LONGER OWN: DD33 Draconic Lore, A Bestiary of Draconic Creatures
NO LONGER OWN: DD34 Path of Shadow, A Character Resource for Rogues
DD37 Dungeon Craft, A Handbook for Designing and Surviving Deadly Dungeons
NO LONGER OWN: DD38 School of Illusion, A Compendium of Illusion Magic
NO LONGER OWN: DD42 City Works, A Handbook for Designing and Surviving Fantasy Cities
NO LONGER OWN: DD43 Giant Lore, A Bestiary of Giants and Their Kin

xxxx Player’s Manual, 1983
xxxx Dungeon Master’s Rulebook, 1983
xxxx Expert Rulebook, July 1983
1085 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting box set
1402 Player Screen
1403 DM Screen
NO LONGER OWN 1501 Book 1: The Cast & Props (Odyssey)
NO LONGER OWN 1502 Book 2: The Adventure Begins (Odyssey)
NO LONGER OWN 1503 Book 3: Crossing Over (Odyssey)
NO LONGER OWN: 1901 Book 1: Dragon Mountain
NO LONGER OWN: 1902 Book 2: Dragon Mountain
NO LONGER OWN: 1903 Book 3: Dragon Mountain
2009 Monster Manual
2011 Dungeon Master’s Guide
2012 Fiend Folio
2014 Basic Rulebook, 1981 (1st Ed.)
2016 Monster Manual II
2017 Unearthed Arcana
2018 Oriental Adventures
2019 Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide
2021 DragonLance Adventures (autographed copy)
2108 Legends & Lore
NO LONGER OWN 2110 PHBR1 The Complete Fighter’s Handbook
NO LONGER OWN 2111 PHBR2 The Complete Thief’s Handbook
2112 DMGR1 Campaign Sourcebook & Catacomb Guide
NO LONGER OWN 2113 PHBR3 The Complete Priest’s Handbook
NO LONGER OWN 2115 PHBR4 The Complete Wizard’s Handbook
2114 DMGR2 The Castle Guide
2123 Arms & Equipment Guide
NO LONGER OWN 2124 PHBR6 The Complete Book of Dwarves
NO LONGER OWN 2137 Lankhmar, City of Adventure (AD&D 2nd Ed.)
2138 Book of Artifacts
2140 Monstrous Manual
2141 Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 1 (leather-like cover)
2142 PG2 Player’s Guide to the Forgottem Realms Campaign
2147 Complete Paladin’s Handbook
2152 Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 2 (leather-like cover)
2157 Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 3 (leather-like cover)
2159 Player’s Handbook
2161 Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 4 (leather-like cover)
2174 Ravenloft 2nd Ed. Campaign Setting: Domains of Dread (AD&D)
2500 Karameikos (Mystara) box set
8442 The Forgtten Realms Atlas, Karen Wynn Fonstad, 1990
9025 The World of Greyhawk, Gary Gygax, 1980 (AD&D)
9026 T1 The Village of Hommlet, Gary Gygax, 1979 (AD&D)
9035 Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits, 1980 (AD&D)
9116 AC4 The Book of Marvelous Magic
9152 I7 Baltron’s Beacon
9177 REF3 The Book of Lairs
9199 I3-5 Desert of Desolation
9252 FOR7 Hall of Heroes (Forgotten Realms)
9297 FOR1 Draconomicon (Forgotten Realms)
9298 RA1 Feast of Goblyns (Ravenloft)
9300 FR11 Dwarves Deep (Forgotten Realms)
NO LONGER OWN 9322 HR1 Vikings Campaign Sourcebook
9326 FOR2 The Drow of Underdark (Forgotten Realms)
9364 Thoughts of Darkness (Ravenloft)
9396 Book of Lairs (DragonLance) (AD&D 2nd Ed.)
9423 The Official Dungeon Master Decks: Deck of Magical Items
9488 The Return of Randal Morn (Forgotten Realms)
9503 Labyrinth of Madness
9556 Dungeon Builder’s Guidebook
9582 Vecna Reborn (Ravenloft)
9586 A Paladin in Hell
TSR11431 Guide to Hell
TSR11548 Diablo II box set
TSR11612 Diablo II: The Awakening
TSR11618 Alternity: Starcraft Edition box set

CDGT-B Reversible Gaming Tiles - Set B (Rackham)
CDGT-C Reversible Gaming Tiles - Set C (Rackham)
CDGT-D Reversible Gaming Tiles - Set D (Rackham)
CKG50201 Riddle Rooms #1, Dungeon Dilemmas (second edition)
CKG50202 Riddle Rooms #2, Wilderness Puzzles & Perils (first edition)
CKG50203 Riddle Rooms #3, Past, Present and Future (first edition)
CKG50220 Shadowman’s Twisted Treasury, A Collection of Killer Puzzles
CKG50221 The RiddleMaster, a Role Playing Sourcebook
CKG50301 Lair of the Sphinx, A Riddle Book, First Edition, 1999
CKG50302 Tower of the Riddle Master, A Riddle Book, First Edition, 2001
CKG50303 Quest for the Riddle Stone, A Riddle Book, First Edition, 2003
CKG50304 Riddle of the Unicorn, A Riddle Book, First Edition, 2005
All-System Catalyst Series Maps: Places of Legend
NO LONGER OWN: All-System Catalyst Series City Book I: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
FB8502 All-System Catalyst Series Grimtooth’s Traps Too
NO LONGER OWN: 0707 Pulp Dungeons: Caves of the Accursed Wings (series 2, adventure 3)
NO LONGER OWN: 0711 Pulp Dungeons: The Shaman’s Totem (series 3, adventure 3)
NO LONGER OWN: 0712 Pulp Dungeons: The Executioner’s Challenge (series 3, adventure 4)
NO LONGER OWN: 745 Role Aids: Wizard’s Dilemma (The Final Chapter)
NO LONGER OWN: 751 Role Aids: Monsters of Myth and Legend III
NO LONGER OWN: 37 The First Fantasy Campaign (Judges Guild)
NO LONGER OWN: SJG02095-2100 Cardboard Heroes
SJG01995-2119 Cardboard Heroes, Dungeon Floors
NO LONGER OWN: SJG00295-5104 Cardboard Heroes, Bases
NO LONGER OWN: DEG2001 The Arcanum (Lost World of Atlantis)
NO LONGER OWN: DEG2002 The Lexicon (Lost World of Atlantis)
NO LONGER OWN: DEG2003 The Bestiary (Lost World of Atlantis)
LAW0 Legends of the Ancient World: Orcs of the High Mountains

This is a multi-verse type system that incorporates everything from primitive to sci-fi.
10010 Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition

This is a company that makes constructable terrain and printable tiles -- all are sold in PDF format.
E-Z Dungeons (3D, includes Item Pack 1 & 2, Arches, Floors, Stairs, Corners, and Walls)
E-Z Dungeons: Mummy’s Tomb

E-Z Heroes: Basic Set (3D, includes Cars, Buildings, Fires, Windows, Doors, and Walls)
FDG0010 E-Z Future: Corners, Floors and Walls
(also at FDG9010)
FDG0011 E-Z Dungeons 2
(3D, includes Caverns Basic Set, Hilltop Ruins, and Dark Temple)
FDG0012 E-Z Future: Fighter and Hangar (also at FDG9010)
FDG0014 E-Z Heroes: Streets Bonus
FDG0020 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Set 1 Bonus
FDG0021 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter
1 (also at FDG9021)
FDG0022 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter
2 (also at FDG9021)
FDG0023 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter Traps (also at FDG9021)
FDG0024 E-Z Tiles: Caves
(also at FDG9027)
FDG0026 E-Z Tiles: Graveyards
(also at FDG9027)
FDG0027 E-Z Tiles: Wilderness
(also at FDG9027)
FDG0034 E-Z Hollow Earth: Earth Drill
FDG0035 E-Z Hollow Earth: Adversaries Pack I
(includes T-Rex)
FDG0037 Dragon Tiles: Hillside Dwelling
FDG0040 Dragon Tiles: Tombs & Horrors (also at FDG9040)
FDG0042 E-Z Tiles: Dragon Tiles Forest (also at FDG9042)
FDG0042 E-Z Tiles: Water Bonus
FDG0043 Dragon Tiles: Tavern (also at FDG9040)
FDG0043 Dragon Tiles: Tavern Upgrade, Tables and Bar
FDG0044 E-Z Terrain: Hills & Mountains (includes Bridges, Cliffs, and a Ledge)
FDG0048 Dragon Tiles: Dungeons of the Dwarf Lords (also at FDG90048)
FDG0107 E-Z Dungeons: Steel Dungeon Door Bonus
FDG0906 E-Z Tiles: Pit Traps
FDG1006 E-Z Tiles: Tomb Bonus Tile
FDG1106 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Set 2 Bonus
FDG1207 E-Z Dungeons: Christmas Wreath Door
FDG9006 E-Z Tiles: Pits
FDG9010 E-Z Future: Starter Set (3D, includes Starship, Doors, Computers, Starship and Hangar -- more than 60 pages of models)
FDG9021 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter Set (2D, includes Dungeon Sets 1 & 2 and Dungeon Traps -- more than 70 tiles)
FDG9022 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter Set (more)
FDG9023 E-Z Tiles; Dungeon Starter Set (more)
FDG9024 E-Z Tiles: Wilderness Starter Set
FDG9025 E-Z Tiles: Wilderness Starter Set
FDG9027 E-Z Tiles: Wilderness Starter Set
(2D, includes Caverns, Forests, and Cemeteries -- more than 56 tiles)
FDG9038 Dragon Tiles: Dungeon Set 1
(2D and 3D, includes more than 50 tiles and some props, includes eye beast)
FDG9040 Dragon Tiles: Dungeon Set 2
(2D and 3D, includes Tombs, Crypts, and Taverns -- more than 36 tiles, includes gelatinous cube)
FDG9042 Dragon Tiles: Forest Adventures
(2D and 3D, includes Trees, Bushes, Tents, Campfires, Boulders, Stream, Bridge, includes giant dragon turtle)
FDG9048 Dragon Tiles: Dungeons of the Dwarf Lords
(2D and 3D, includes Pillars, Doors, Arches, and more -- more than 36 tiles, includes dwarven steam mech)
FDGxxxx Sarcophagus
FDGxxxx Unicorn Banner

TSL-0261 HeroCard Orc Wars
TSL-0262 HeroCard Orc Wars Ranger Expansion Deck
TSL-0263 HeroCard Orc Wars Sorceress Expansion Deck

3562 XXX1901 Characters & Combat (part of box set)
3562 XXX1902 The World Book (part of box set)
3562 XXX1903 The Technology Book (part of box set)
3563 XXVCA1 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
3566 XXVCA2 NEO in the 25th Century (X2)

1, 79-81, 83-98, 100-103, 105, 136-143, 146-150
NOTE: Need issue 82

200, 235, 240, 250, 266, 270-273, 277-278, 280-288, 290-304, 306-313, annual 5, 344-349, 351-352, 355-359
NOTE: Issue 279 is the priority in this category, followed next by issues 274-276.

Savage Tide Player’s Guide (adventure path)
PZO1100 Dragon Compendium, Volume I
PZO2000 Compleat Encounter: Dark Elf Sanctum (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 9)
PZO2001 Compleat Encounter: Death Shrine of the Ninja Cult (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 6)
PZO2002 Compleat Encounter: The Vault of the Whispering Tyrant (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 13)
PZO2003 Compleat Encounter: Throne of the Gorilla King (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 5)
PZO2004 Compleat Encounter: The Liberation of Prince Thorgrim (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 8)
PZO2005 Compleat Encounter: Terror in the Chamber of Pain (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 8)
PZO2006 Compleat Encounter: Grove of the Mad Druid (3.5 OGL) (Paizo) (Level 9)
PZO2101 Dragon Monster Ecologies
PZO3001 GameMastery Critical Hit Deck (52 cards)
PZO4000 GameMastery Map Pack: Village
PZO4001 GameMastery Map Pack: Graveyard
PZO4002 GameMastery Map Pack: Countryside
PZO4003 GameMastery Map Pack: Fortress
PZO4004 GameMastery Map Pack: Haunted Mansion
PZO4005 GameMastery Map Pack: Dungeon Chambers
PZO4006 GameMastery Map Pack: City
PZO4007 GameMastery Map Pack: Campsites
PZO4008 GameMastery Map Pack: Sewers
PZO4009 GameMastery Map Pack: Temples
PZO4010 GameMastery Map Pack: Inns
PZO4011 GameMastery Map Pack: Tournament
PZO4012 GameMastery Map Pack: Ruins
PZO5000 GameMastery Item Pack One (54 unique Magic Item Cards) X2
PZO D0 GameMastery Module: Hollow’s Last Hope (Wilderness & Dungeon Adventure)

SQW30010 Flip-Mat: Standard
SQW30011 Flip-Mat: Forest Path
SQW30012 Flip-Mat: City Square
SQW30013 Flip-Mat: Dungeon
PZOSQW30014 Flip-Mat: Tavern
PZOSQW30015 Flip-Mat: Ship
PZOSQW30016 Flip-Mat: Market
PZOSQW30018 Flip-Mat: Mountain Pass

Issues 10-11, 13-15, 17-18, 20-21, 23-34, 36-44, 68, 77-82, 86-91, 94-96, 98-102, 104, 106, 113

Issue 7, 24

NO LONGER OWN: 0110 (1) Battle Book
NO LONGER OWN: 0110 (2) Rulebook
NO LONGER OWN: 0112 Grudge of Drong
NO LONGER OWN: 0113 Idol of Gork
NO LONGER OWN: xxxx Getting Started
NO LONGER OWN: xxxx Perilous Quest
NO LONGER OWN: xxxx Citadel Miniatures 2000 Holiday Catalog
NO LONGER OWN: xxxx Citadel Miniatures 2001 Complete Catalog
NO LONGER OWN: ISBN 1 872372 33 3 Warhammer: An Introduction to Fantasy Wargames
NO LONGER OWN: ISBN 1 872372 44 9 How to Make Wargames Terrain
NO LONGER OWN: ISBN 1 84154 080 3 Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts
NO LONGER OWN: ISBN 1 84154 060 9 Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins

Issues 249-255, 269, 271, 283

8569F Undead Skull Chucker Catapult
8569H Undead Armored Skeleton Command
8570A Undead Cavalry
8570C Undead Cavalry with Bows
8570D Necromancers
8570F Mounted Wight Lord
8570J Undead Mounted Wight Standard Bearer (two different ones)
8571C Ghouls
8571C Undead Ghouls
8572D Wights
8572G Wraiths
8572E Mummies
8572K Blood Dragon Vampire on Foot
8572N Nechrarch Mounted Vampire
8572R Undead Vampire Bats
8572T Grave Guard
8572U Wight Champion
8598D Heinrich Kemmler the Lichemaster
8598S Manfred Von Carstein
8810B Necromancer

G6501 Call of Cthulhu Adventures Metal Figure Set (Grenadier Models)

NO LONGER OWN: FASA7002 Gamemaster Screen (includes screen and Critters sourcebook) (3rd Ed.)

TSR11792 Invasion of Theed Adventure Game (boxed set)
TSR11793 Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Core Rulebook)
TSR11794 Secrets of Naboo
TSR11795 Character Sheets
WTC11833 Game Master Screen
WTC11837 Rebellion Era Sourcebook
WTC11839 Secrets of Tatooine
WTC11849 The Dark Side Sourcebook
WTC11963 Living Force Campaign Guide
WTC12663 Alien Anthology
WTC17655 Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Revised Core Rulebook)
WTC17663 Coruscant and the Core Worlds
WTC17667 Hero’s Guide
WTC17751 Ultimate Alien Anthology
WTC17754 Galactic Campaign Guide
WTC88658 The New Jedi Order Sourcebook
WTC88659 Tempest Feud
WTC88662 Power of the Jedi Sourcebook
WTC88664 Arms and Equipment Guide
WTC107967200 Star Wars Roleplayhing Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook (SE)
WTC215107400 SW1 Star Wars Galaxy Tiles
WTC215117200 Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (SE)
WTC216247200 Threats of the Galaxy (SE)
WTC217147200 Starships of the Galaxy (SE)
WTC217927200 The Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (SE)
WTC218277200 Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (SE)
WTC218647400 Star Wars Gamemaster Screen (SE)
WTC218917200 The Clone Wars Campaign Guide (SE)
WTC219317200 Scum and Villainy (SE)
WTC219667200 Legacy Era Campaign Guide (SE)
WTC241817200 Galaxy at War (SE)
WTC250127200 Jedi Academy Training Manual (SE)
N/A Scenario L1 Assault on the Trayus Academy (Star Wars Miniatures)
N/A The Nova Crystal Campaign (magazine)
N/A Sneak Preview booklet
MAP2004 Death Star Battle Grid (Star Wars Miniatures)

Issues 1-10

Issues 29, 45-46, 49, 52, 54-56, 58, 62-71, 87, 88, 93, 97-98, 101

(ALSO SEE: Star Wars Minis)

WOC 40062 Jedi Padawan, Human Female
WOC 40064 Jedi Padawan, Human Male
WOC 40066 Scout, Gungan
WOC 40067 Scoundrel, Human Male
WOC 40068 Scoundrel, Human Female
WOC 40070 Noble, Cerean
WOC 40074 Scoundrel, Twi’lek Male
WOC 40075 Jedi, Twi’lek Female
WOC 40076 Fringer, Human Male
WOC 40077 Fringer, Human Female
WOC 40078 Soldier, Human Female
WOC 40079 Scout, Human Male
WOC 40080 Scout, Human Female
WOC 40082 Jedi, Cerean
WOC 40083 Soldier, Rodian (X3)

11101 Marines (2)
11102 Marine Sergeant
11104 Marine Chain Gunner
11105 Marine Grenade Launcher
11201 Legionaries (2)
11204 Legionary Grenadier
11209 Legionary Thermite Lancer
11210 Legionary Chain Gunner
11211 Enforcers (2)
11403 VASA Marine Sergeant
11408 VASA Marine GL
31303 Hunter-Killer 2000 Grav Bikes (2) (box set)

AEG2200 Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game (powered by Spycraft) (Stargate SG-1)
AEG2210 Stargate SG-1 Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One (Book 2) (powered by Spycraft) (Stargate SG-1)
AEG2212 Stargate SG-1 Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two (Book 3) (powered by Spycraft) (Stargate SG-1)
AEG2213 Stargate SG-1 First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook (Book 5) (powered by Spycraft) (Stargate SG-1)
AEG8200 Farscape Roleplaying Game (Farscape)
DS00 Dragonstar (free preview of d20 sci-fi)
DS01 Dragonstar Starfarer’s Handbook
DS02 Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy
DS03 Dragonstar Imperial Supply
DS04 Dragonstar Player’s Companion
DS05 Dragonstar Galactic Races
NO LONGER OWN: FS204 Fading Suns, Space-Fantasy Roleplaying
MGP3384 Babylon 5, A Call to Arms: Sky Full of Stars Counter Sheets (Babylon 5)
MGP3500 Babylon 5 The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Faith Manages (Babylon 5)
MGP9201 Starship Troopers The Roleplaying Game, Floorplans (Starship Troopers)
MWP1001 Serenity Role Playing Game (Serenity/Firefly)
MWP1002 Serenity Role Playing Game, Game Master’s Screen (Serenity/Firefly)
MWP50999 Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, Quickstart Guide (Battlestar Galactica)
WW16707 Trinity, Epic Science Fiction Roleplaying

WTC88190 d20 Modern Roleplaying Game (Core Rulebook)
WTC953967400 d20 Modern Future Tech

40001 The Roleplaying Game (1st)
40002 Sourcebook (1st)
40004 Campaign Pack (I only have the screen) (1st)
40005 Tatooine Manhunt (1st)
40006 Imperial Sourcebook (1st)
40007 Rebel Alliance Sourcebook (1st)
40008 Death Star Technical Companion (1st)
40008B Death Star Technical Campanion (2nd)
40009 Strike Force: Shantipole (1st)
40011-71 Starfighter Battle Books X-Wing
40011-72 Starfighter Battle Books TIE Interceptor
40016 Starfall (1st)
40017 Battle for the Golden Sun (1st)
40018 Otherspace (1st)
40019 Graveyard of Alderaan (1st)
40020 Scavenger Hunt (1st)
40021 Riders of the Maelstrom (1st)
40022 Crisis on Cloud City (1st)
40023 Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin & Bespin (1st)
40025 Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (2nd)
40027 Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters (1st)
40028 Otherspace II: Invasion (1st)
40029 The Far Orbit Project (A Pirates & Privateers Supplement) (2nd)
40030 Black Ice (1st)
40033 The Game Chambers of Questal (1st)
40034 Domain of Evil (1st ed.)
40036 The Isis Coordinates (1st)
40037 Death in the Undercity (1st)
40038 Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope (1st)
40039 Galaxy Guide 3: Empire Strikes Back (1st)
40040 Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi (1st)
40041 Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races (1st)
40042 Han Solo & the Corporate Sector (2nd)
40043 Rules Companion (1st)
40044 Miniatures Battles (1st)
40046 Cracken’s Rebel Field Guide (1st)
40048-30 Game Master Kit (1st)
40049 Planet of the Mists (1st)
40050 Planets of the Galaxy, Vol. 1 (1st)
40051 Imperial Sourcebook (1st, softcover)
40052 Mission to Lianna (1st)
40053 The Abduction of Crying Dawn Singer (1st)
40055 Roleplaying Game (2nd)
40056 Heir to the Empire Sourcebook (New Republic) (2nd)
40057 Planets of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (1st)
40058 Dark Force Rising Sourcebook (New Republic) (2nd)
40059 The Last Command Sourcebook (New Republic) (2nd)
40060 Twin Stars of Kira (New Republic) (2nd)
40061 Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts (2nd)
40062 Wanted by Cracken (New Repulic) (2nd)
40063 Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments From the Rim (2nd)
40064 Game Master Screen (2nd)
40065 Game Master Handbook (2nd)
40066 Supernova (1st)
40067 The Politics of Contraband (New Republic) (1st)
40069 Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley (2nd)
40070 Miniatures Battles Companion (2nd)
40071 Dark Empire Sourcebook (2nd)
40072 Planets of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 (1st)
40073 Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (2nd)
40075 Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations (2nd ed.) (New Republic)
40076 The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook (1st)
40076B The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook Special Edition (2nd, revised)
40077 Flashpoint! Brak Sector (2nd)
40080 Creatures of the Galaxy (2nd)
40082 Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook (2nd)
40083 Classic Adventures (2nd)
40084 Cracken’s Rebel Operatives (2nd)
40085 The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook (2nd)
40086 Heroes & Rogues (2nd)
40087 Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens, Enemies & Allies (2nd)
40090 Miniatures Battles (2nd)
40091 Rebel Alliance Sourcebook (2nd)
40092 Imperial Sourcebook (2nd)
40094 Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races (2nd)
40095 Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters (2nd)
40098 Goroth Slave of the Empire (2nd)
40100 Planets Collection (2nd)
40102 Scoundrel’s Luck (solitaire) (1st)
40103 Jedi’s Honor (solitaire) (1st)
40107 Platt’s Starport Guide (2nd)
40108 Classic Campaigns (2nd)
40109 Alliance Intelligence Reports (2nd)
NOTE: Need 40111 Hideouts & Strongholds (2nd)
40112 Endgame (Darkstryder) (2nd)
40113 Rules of Engagement (Rebel Spec Forces) (2nd)
40114 The Jedi Academy Sourcebook (2nd)
40118 The Kathol Outback (Darkstryder) (2nd)
40119 Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin & Bespin (2nd)
40120 Roleplaying Game (2nd, revised)
40121 The Kathol Rift (Darkstryder) (2nd)
40123 Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook (2nd)
40127 Imperial Entanglements (miniatures battles) (2nd)
40128 Classic Adventures, Vol. 2 (2nd ed.)
40130 Live-Action Adventures (2nd)
NOTE: Need 40131 The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook (2nd)
40132 Operation: Elrood (2nd)
40133 Classic Adventures, Vol. 3 (2nd)
40134 Shadows of the Empire Planets Guide (2nd)
40135 Game Maser Screen (2nd, revised)
40136 Secrets of the Sisar Run (2nd)
NOTE: Need 40137 Instant Adventures (2nd)
40138 Classic Adventures Vol. 4 (2nd)
40147 Tapani Sector Instant Adventures (Tapani Sector) (2nd)
NOTE: Need 40148 Rogue Squadron Sourcebook (2nd)
40150 Stock Ships (2nd)
40151 No Disintigrations (2nd)
40153 Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy (2nd)
40154 Black Sands of Socorro (2nd)
40155 Player’s Guide to Tapani (Tapani Sector) (2nd)
40165 Classic Adventures Vol. 5 (2nd)
40201 Star Warriors box set
NOTE: Need 40202, which I believe is a Death Star game for A New Hope
40203 Assault on Hoth (Empire Strikes Back game) box set
NOTE: Need 40204, which I believe is the Battle of Endor game for Return of the Jedi
40209 The Darkstryder Campaign box set (2nd)
40601 Imperial Double-Cross (2nd)
40602 Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game box set
41001 Adventure Journal (Feb. 1994), Vol. 1, No. 1
41002 Adventure Journal (May 1994), Vol. 1, No. 2
41003 Adventure Journal (Aug. 1994), Vol. 1, No. 3
41004 Adventure Journal (Nov. 1994), Vol. 1, No. 4
41005 Adventure Journal (Feb. 1995), Vol. 1, No. 5
41006 Adventure Journal (May 1995), Vol. 1, No. 6
41007 Adventure Journal (Aug. 1995), Vol. 1, No. 7
41008 Adventure Journal (Nov. 1995), Vol. 1, No. 8
41009 Adventure Journal (Feb. 1996), Vol. 1, No. 9
41010 Adventure Journal (May 1996), Vol. 1, No. 10
NOTE: Need 41011 from Aug. 1996, No. 11
41012 Adventure Journal (Feb. 1997), Vol. 1, No. 12
41013 Adventure Journal (May 1997), Vol. 1, No. 13
41014 Adventure Journal (Aug. 1997), Vol. 1, No. 14
NOTE: Need 41015 from Nov. 1997, No. 15
NOTE: Need 41016 from Feb, 1998, No. 16
NOTE: Need 41017 from May 1998, No. 17

NOTE: Need Alien Encounters (June 1998)
NOTE: Need A New Hope box set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Aliens of the Galaxy Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Aliens of the Galaxy Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Aliens of the Galaxy Blister Pack 3 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need AT-PT Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Bantha with Rider Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Bounty Hunters Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Bounty Hunters Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Bounty Hunters Blister Pack 3 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Bounty Hunters Adventure Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Cloud City Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need DarkStryder Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need DarkStryder Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need DarkStryder Blister Pack 3 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Denizens of Tatooine Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Droids (April 1997)
NOTE: Need Droids Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Emperor Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Encounter on Hoth Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Ewoks Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Fantastic Techology Compendium: Personal Gear (September 1997)
NOTE: Need Fantastic Techology: Droids (April 1997)
NOTE: Need Gamemaster Toolkit Live-Action Adventures (January 1996)
NOTE: Need Gamorrean Guards Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Heir to the Empire Villains Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Heroes No. 1 Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Heroes No. 2 Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Heroes of the Rebellion Collectors’ Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Hoth Rebels Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Army Troopers Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Army Troopers Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Crew with Heavy Blaster Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Forces Collectors’ Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Navy Troopers Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Navy Troopers Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Officers Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Speeder Bikes Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Imperial Troopers Boxed Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Jabba the Hutt Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Jabba’s Palace Boxed Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Jabba’s Servants Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Landspeeder Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Jedi Knights Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Lords of the Expanse Adventures (December 1997)
NOTE: Need Lords of the Expanse Boxed Set (August 1997)
NOTE: Need Mon Calamari Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Mos Eisley Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Mos Eisley Cantina Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Mos Eisley Cantina Boxed Set (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Mos Eisley Space Station Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Mos Eisley Starter Set (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Noghri Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE; Need Pilots and Gunners Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Pirates and Privateers (February 1997)
NOTE: Need Pirates Blister Pack (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Platt’s Smugglers Guide (November 1997)
NOTE: Need Rebel Characters Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Commandos Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Commandos Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Commandos Blister 12-Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Operatives Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Speeder Bikes Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Tauntaun Patrol Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Troopers Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Troopers Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Troopers Blister Pack 3 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Troopers Blister Pack 4 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Rebel Troopers Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Return of the Jedi Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Sandtroopers Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Scout Troopers Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Skywalkers Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Snowspeeder Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Snowtroopers Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stock Ships (June 1997)
NOTE; Need Storm Skimmer Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtrooper Blister Pack 1 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtrooper Blister Pack 2 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtrooper Blister Pack 3 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtrooper Blister Pack 4 (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtrooper Blister 12-Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Stormtroopers Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Tapani Sector Instant Adventures (June 1997)
NOTE: Need The Empire Strikes Back Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need The Rancor Pit Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Users of the Force Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE; Need Vehicles Starter Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE; Need Wookiees Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE; Need Zero-G Assault Troopers Box Set (miniatures) (June 1988)
NOTE: Need Zero-G Blister Pack (miniatures) (June 1988)

36000 Hercules & Xena Role-Playing Game box set (includes Secrets of the Ancient World book, game master’s screen, and multiple adventures: Ixion and Telephus, The Shackled Spirit – Solitaire Adventure, and Favor for a Favor)
36008 Hero’s Guide

LR0 Lord of the Rings Adventure Game (MERP) (box set)
1000 Rolemaster (box set) [includes RM1200 Spell Law, RM1300 Character Law & Campain Law, and RM1100 Arms Law & Claw Law]
5500 Rolemaster Standard Rules
5800 Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying

960 Maps of Middle-Earth

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