GenCon 2004

(all images copyright 2004, T. Rob Brown)

at GenCon 2004

Me and Virginia Hey (Pao'to Zhaan from Farscape) at GenCon 2004
Me and the graceful Virginia Hey (Pao'to Zhaan from the Henson Company's Farscape TV series on Sci-Fi Channel -- watch for Peacekeeper Wars coming out in October!) at GenCon 2004. Hey also starred in Mad Max: Road Warrior with Mel Gibson. She had to leave Farscape partway through the third season due to adverse physical effects from the blue makeup she had to wear for Zhaan. In the background you can see David Carradine (AKA Grasshopper from Kung Fu the TV series) who most-recently starred in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movie series.

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