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Zombies of Morindan -- Dawn of Darkness set
Release Date: 2007

Total of 3 miniatures (1 set)

14/21 to 16/21 Zombies of Morindan, undead, common squad, savages, terrifying, Medium 5
Life 1, Move 4, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 3, 60 points

Horde Movement: You may move up to six Zombies of Morindan that you control each turn. However, you may attack with only three Zombies of Morindan. You may attack with any three Zombies of Morindan, even Zombies of Morindan you didn't move this turn.

Zombie Onslaught Special Attack: Range 1, Attack 6. Three Zombies of Morindan on the same level may combine their attacks and roll their attack dice as one attack. All Zombies of Morindan in the attack must be engaged to the targeted figure.

Zombies Rise Again: If a Zombie of Moridan that you control destroys an opponent's small or medium figure, replace that figure immediately, if possible, with one of your own previously-destroyed Zombies of Morindan. Newly-placed Zombies of Morindan can't attack this turn. Undead are not afected by Zombies Rise Again.

Simple Version: Move 4, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 3, Feylund, Dawn of Darkness 14/21 to 16/21

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