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Elite Onyx Vipers -- Wal-Mart Exclusive
Release Date: 2005

Total of 3 miniatures (1 set)

01/01 Elite Onyx Vipers, vipers, unique squad, scouts, precise, Medium 5
Life 1, Move 7, Range 1, Attack 3, Defense 2, 100 points

Slither: Elite Onyx Vipers do not have to stop their movement when entering water spaces.

Frenzy: After you take a turn with Elite Onyx Vipers, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a 16 or higher you may take another turn with Elite Onyx Vipers.

Evasive 8: When an Elite Onyx Viper rolls defense dice against an attacking figure who is not adjacent, add 8 defense dice to the defending Viper.

Simple Version: Move 7, Range 1, Attack 3, Defense 4, Marr, Viper's Vengeance 01/01

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