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Su-Bak-Na, marro rider -- Orm's Return set
Release Date: 2005

Total of 1 miniature

01/05 Su-Bak-Na, marro, unique hero, hivelord, tricky, Huge 12
Life 5, Move 6, Range 1, Attack 7, Defense 3, 160 points

Hive Supremacy: Anytime you roll the 20-sided die for a Marro or Wulsinu Army Card, you may add 1 to your die roll.

Flying: When counting spaces for Su-Bak-Na's movement, ignore elevation. Su-Bak-Na may fly over water without stopping. Su-Bak-Na may pass over figures without becoming engaged. Su-Bak-Na may fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Su-Bak-Na starts to fly, if he is engaged he will take any leaving engagement attacks.

Simple Version: Move 6, Range 1, Attack 7, Defense 8, Marr, Orm's Return 01/05

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