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Marro Drudge, marro -- Swarm of the Marro starter set
Release Date: 2007

Total of 3 miniatures

08/16-10/16 Marro Drudge, marro, common squad, hunters, wild, Medium 4
Life 1, Move 5, Range 5, Attack 2, Defense 2, 50 points

Swamp Water Strength: When a Marro Drudge is on a swamp water space, add 1 to its attack and defense.

Swamp Water Tunnel: If a Marro Drudge ends its normal movement on a swamp water space, you may immediately place it on any empty same-level swamp water space within 5 spaces. If a Marro Drudge is engaged when it starts to tunnel, it will take any leaving engagement attacks.

Simple Version: Move 7, Range 5, Attack 2, Defense 3, Marr, Swarm of the Marro, 08/16-10/16

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