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Marrden Nagrubs, nagrubs -- Swarm of the Marro starter set
Release Date: 2007

Total of 3 miniatures

14/16-16/16 Marrden Nagrubs, nagrubs, common squad, guards, loyal, Small 3
Life 1, Move 6, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 2, 30 points

Hivelord Life Bonding: Before taking a turn with Marrden Nagrubs, you may first take a turn with any Hivelord you control. Before moving the chosen Hivelord, you may destroy one adjacent Marrden Nagrub you control. If you destroy a Marrden Nagrub with Hivelord Life Bonding, remove 1 wound marker from the chosen Hivelord's Army Card.

Climb X2: When moving up or down levels of terrain, Marrden Nagrubs may double their Height.

Simple Version: Move 6, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 2, Marr, Swarm of the Marro, 14/16-16/16

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