Medieval Fantasy 

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Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider, orc on swog --
Nerak's Return -- Gen Con 2005 exclusive
Release Date: August 2005

Total of 1 miniature

01/01 Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider, orc, unique hero, champion, wild, Large 6
Life 3, Move 8, Range 1, Attack 3, Defense 3, 50 points

Disengage: Nerak is never attacked when leaving an engagement.

Orc Defensive Aura 1: All orc figures you control within 4 clear sight spaces of Nerak add 1 to their defense dice. Nerak's Orc Defensive Aura does not affect Nerak.

Snow Strength: Add 1 to Nerak's attack and defense while on a snow space.

Simple Version: Move 8, Range 1, Attack 3, Defense 6, Grut, Nerak's Return 01/01

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