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Eldgrim the Viking Champion -- Dawn of Darkness set
Release Date: 2007

Total of 1 miniature

17/21 Eldgrim the Viking Champion, human, unique hero, champion, valiant, Medium 4
Life 3, Move 5, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 2, 30 points

Overextend Attack: After taking a turn with Eldgrim, you may place a wound marker on Eldgrim and take another turn with him. You may use this power only once during a round.

Warrior's Swiftness Spirit: When Eldgrim is destroyed, you may place this figure on any unique Army Card. Eldgrim's Spirit adds 1 to the move number on that card.

Simple Version: Move 6, Range 1, Attack 2, Defense 4, Earth, Dawn of Darkness 17/21

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