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Download the official Wizards of the Coast D&D Miniatures Quick Start Guide in ZIPped PDF or non-ZIPped PDF.

Grab your minis and use this information to get ready for your first Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures skirmish.


Split Up Creatures: Split the creatures up among the players more or less evenly.

Stat Cards: Find the stat card that goes with each creature. Use only the skirmish side of the stat card (the side with the large number in the upper right corner). Add up the costs of the creatures in each warband to be sure the warbands are close to balanced.

Factions: Ignore factions for now.

Special Abilities and Spells: You can look these up in the rules booklet's glossary. If a special ability or spell is marked with boxes, it can only be used once per box.

Commanders: A creature with a Commander rating listed under its name is a commander. If your warband doesn't have an actual commander, treat your lowest-cost creature as if it were a commander. Its commander rating counts as 0, and it has no Commander Effect. The creature's point cost goes up by 5.


Battle Grid: Unfold the battle grid and lay it out. Sit at diagonally-opposite corners. (If you have more than two players, look in the rules booklet for how to set up.)

Terrain Tiles: Put assembly tiles in the starting areas so the exit corner squares match up. Scatter other terrain tiles around the rest of the battle grid. Leave spaces between the terrain tiles. If you have more than two players, use other terrain tiles as assembly tiles.

Creatures: Place your creatures on your assembly tile.

Initiative: Once everything's set up, check the Rules Summary, roll initiative to see who goes first, and start fighting.


You win if you eliminate all enemy creatures. Enemies that you rout off the battle grid count as eliminated.

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