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Dungeons of Dread Set Checklist
Release Date: April 2008
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Total of 60+6 miniatures: 24 Rares Rare, 24 Uncommons Uncommon, 12 Commons Common, and 9 Known Special Known Specials
Uniques: 0
Extras: 0 Epic Card Promos, All Fourth Edition Cards
Download the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons of Dread Set Checklist (available after release).

01/60 Dwarf Warlord Uncommon
02/60 Angel of Valor Rare
03/60 Cleric of Pelor Uncommon
04/60 Halfling Paladin Uncommon
05/60 Young Silver Dragon Rare
06/60 Elf Archer Common
4eGD 2/5 Dwarf Warlord 58 pts. (Good B) Known Special

07/60 Death Knight Rare
08/60 Orc Raider Common
09/60 Young Red Dragon Rare
10/60 Gargoyle Uncommon
11/60 Oni Rare
12/60 Chillborn Common
13/60 Drow Spiderguard Uncommon
14/60 Eye of Flame Rare
15/60 Immolith Rare
16/60 Shadow Demon Uncommon
17/60 Warrior Wight Uncommon
18/60 Howling Hag Uncommon
19/60 Magma Brute Uncommon
20/60 Vrock Rare
21/60 Ascendant Hellsword Rare
22/60 Rakshasa Baron Rare
23/60 Vampire Spawn Uncommon
24/60 Champion of Baphomet Rare
25/60 Balhannoth Rare
26/60 Mind Flayer Scourge Rare
27/60 Troglodyte Bonecrusher Common
28/60 Vampire Vizier Rare
29/60 Ice Archon Uncommon
30/60 Lamia Rare
31/60 Gnoll Marauder Common
D&DC63 Troglodyte Bonecrusher (alternate paint) Known Special
D&DC64 Gnoll Marauder (alternate paint) Known Special

32/60 Bugbear Headreaver Uncommon
33/60 Dwarf Shieldmaiden Uncommon
34/60 Goblin Picador Common
35/60 Human Fighter Uncommon
36/60 Iron Defender Common
37/60 Dire Wolf Uncommon
38/60 Ettin Jack-of-Irons Rare
39/60 Everfrost Ranger Uncommon
40/60 Griffon Rare
41/60 Kobold Archer Common
42/60 Wyvern Rare
43/60 Defiant Rake Uncommon
44/60 Emerald Orb Wizard Rare
45/60 Grick Common
46/60 Spectral Magelord Rare
47/60 Tiefling Warlock 27 pts. (C/U) Uncommon
48/60 Warforged Infiltrator Uncommon
49/60 Runecarved Eidolon Rare
50/60 Drow Wand Mage Uncommon
51/60 Shade Knight Uncommon
52/60 Skeletal Tomb Guardian Rare
53/60 Bulette Uncommon
54/60 Deathjump Spider Common
55/60 Fen Hydra Rare
56/60 Giant Centipede Common
57/60 Hook Horror Uncommon
58/60 Shadowhunter Bat Uncommon
59/60 Spectral Panther Uncommon
60/60 Bralani Rare
PROMO Tiefling Warlock 27 pts. (C/U) Known Special
D&DC65 Iron Defender (alternate paint)
Known Special
4eGD 1/5 Defiant Rake 15 pts. (C/U)
Known Special
4eGD 3/5 ? (?) ? Known Special
4eGD 4/5 Human Fighter 24 pts. (B/C)
Known Special
4eGD 5/5 ? (?) ? Known Special

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