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My Demonweb Set Checklist
(Bold indicates I need it; X indicates how many I have)

Total of 60+1 miniatures: 24 Rares Rare, 24 Uncommons Uncommon, 12 Commons Common, and 1 Known Special Known Special
Uniques: x
Extras: 0 Epic Card Promos, All Fourth Edition Cards
Download the official Wizards of the Coast Demonweb Set Checklist (available after release).
COMPLETE SET: NO -- Need 19 Rares Rare, 9 Uncommons Uncommon, 0 Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials

01/60 Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut Rare
02/60 Kuyutha, Exarch of Bahamut Rare

03/60 Halfling Archer Uncommon X2

04/60 Mezzodemon Uncommon X1
05/60 Grinning Imp Uncommon
06/60 Infernal Armor Common X1
07/60 Rakshasa Assasin Rare
08/60 Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeous Uncommon X1
09/60 Vicious Bearded Devil Rare X1
10/60 Deathgrasp Sarcophagus Uncommon X2
11/60 Drow Adventurer Uncommon X2
12/60 Drow Demonbinder 34 pts. Rare

GC08 Drow Demonbinder 34 pts. (GenCon 2008) Known Special X1
13/60 Lolthbound Goblin Common X4
14/60 Runespiral Demon Common X4
15/60 Shardsoul Slayer Uncommon X1
16/60 Solamith Rare
17/60 Soulrider Devil Uncommon X1
18/60 Deathlock Wight Common X3
19/60 Draegloth Favored One Rare
20/60 Drow Assassin Common X2
21/60 Shadow Flayer Rare
22/60 Spiderbound Drow Warrior Uncommon
23/60 Thoon Hulk Rare X1
24/60 Black Dragon Lurker Rare
25/60 Concord Illithid Rare
26/60 Phaseweb Spider Uncommon X2
27/60 Skull Lord Rare
28/60 Gnoll Demon Adept Uncommon X2
29/60 Yuan-Ti Malison Incanter Rare

30/60 Ogre Pulverizer Uncommon X1
31/60 Stormrage Blue Dragon Rare
32/60 Bugbear Strangler Uncommon

33/60 Bugbear Warrior Uncommon X2
34/60 Human Bandit Common X3
35/60 Spiretop Drake Uncommon
36/60 Scythejaw Uncommon
37/60 Autumn Wind Ranger Rare X1
38/60 Blood Slaad Rare
39/60 Brutal Ogre Warhulk Rare
40/60 Curse Slaad Rare X1
41/60 Cyclops Hewer Rare
42/60 Ettin Spirit-Talker Rare
43/60 Minotaur Warrior Rare
44/60 Sharn Redcloak (Eberron) Common X1
45/60 Warforged Battle Champion (Eberron) Uncommon
46/60 Corruption Corpse Uncommon
47/60 Hobgoblin Warcaster Common X2
48/60 Guard Drake Common X2
49/60 Quickling Runner Uncommon X1
50/60 Kruthik Hive Lord Uncommon
51/60 Troglodyte Brute Common X1
52/60 Toglodyte Curse Chanter Uncommon X1
53/60 Crazed Kuo-Toa Common X3
54/60 Deathcap Uncommon X1
55/60 Kruthik Adult Common X2
56/60 Stirge Drone Uncommon X1
57/60 Web Golem Rare X1
58/60 Dire Bear Mauler Uncommon
59/60 Girallon Rare
60/60 Iron Dragon Prowler Rare

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