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My Against the Giants Set Checklist
(Bold indicates I need it; X indicates how many I have)

Total of 60+0 miniatures: 24 Rares Rare, 24 Uncommons Uncommon, 12 Commons Common, and 3 Known Special Known Specials
Uniques: 1
Extras: 0 Epic Card Promos, All Fourth Edition Cards
Download the official Wizards of the Coast Against the Giants Set Checklist (available after release).
COMPLETE SET: NO -- Need 21 Rares Rare, 21 Uncommons Uncommon, 9 Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials


01/60 Shocktroop Devil Rare
02/60 Voracious Ice Devil Rare
03/60 Deathpriest of Orcus Uncommon
04/60 Degenerate Cultist of Orcus Common
05/60 Gnaw Demon Common
06/60 Efreeti Flamestrider Rare
07/60 Visceral Devourer 41 pts. Uncommon X1
08/60 Doresain, the Ghoul King (Unique) Rare
09/60 Thunderblast Cyclone Uncommon
10/60 Yuan-Ti Anathema Rare
PROMO Gnaw Demon Known Special

11/60 Elder Red Dragon (Huge) Rare
12/60 Fire Titan 170 pts. (Huge) Rare X1
13/60 Armored Guulvorg Uncommon
14/60 Bugbear Lancebreaker 20 pts. Uncommon X1
15/60 Dragonborn Defender Rare
16/60 Dragonborn Myrmidon Rare
17/60 Dwarf Warsword Uncommon
18/60 Feybound Halfling Uncommon
19/60 Fire Giant Raider (Huge) Rare
20/60 Fist of Moradin Uncommon
21/60 Goblin Runner Common
22/60 Hobgoblin Guard Common
24/60 Mighty Blademaster Rare
25/60 Skullcleave Warrior Rare
26/60 Tiefling Gladiator Rare
27/60 Orc Zombie 5 pts. Common X1
28/60 Plaguechanged Ghoul Uncommon
29/60 Shadow Hulk Rare
30/60 Xorn Ravager Uncommon
31/60 Cave Bear Uncommon
32/60 Cockatrice Uncommon
33/60 Earth Titan (Huge) Uncommon
34/60 Flamescorched Kobold Common
35/60 Furious Owlbear Rare
36/60 Galeb Duhr 45 pts. Common X1
37/60 Lizardfolk Raider Uncommon
38/60 Shifter Claw Adept Uncommon
39/60 Storm Giant Thunderer (Huge) Rare
40/60 Angel of Retribution Rare
41/60 Captain of the Watch Uncommon
42/60 Chain Golem Uncommon
43/60 Cloaktrick Rogue Rare X1
44/60 Half-Elf Assassin Uncommon
45/60 Eladrin Pyromancer Uncommon
46/60 Golden Wyvern Initiate Uncommon
47/60 Tomebound Arcanist Rare
48/60 Blazing Skeleton 17 pts. Uncommon X1
49/60 Boneclaw Impaler Rare
50/60 Death Titan (Huge) Rare
51/60 Lurking Wraith Uncommon
52/60 Young Adamantine Dragon (Huge) Rare
53/60 Blackroot Treant (Huge) Uncommon
54/60 Enormous Carrion Crawler (Huge) Uncommon
55/60 Hellwasp Uncommon
56/60 Ochre Jelly 8 pts. Common X1
57/60 Ravenous Dire Rat Common
58/60 Roper 102 pts. Rare X1
59/60 Elder White Dragon (Huge) Rare
60/60 Elf Arcane Archer Uncommon
D&DC68 Blazing Skeleton (alternate paint) Known Special X1
D&DC69 Ochre Jelly (alternate paint) Known Special X1

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