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D&D Dungeon Delve: Legendary Evils (Monster Manual II) Set Checklist
(Bold indicates I need it; X indicates how many I have)

Total of 40+0 miniatures: 8 Rares Rare, 8 Uncommons Uncommon, 5 Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials
Uniques: 1
All Fourth Edition cards

Download the official Wizards of the Coast Dangerous Delves Set Checklist (available after release).

(V) = visible in packaging, all others are randomized
COMPLETE SET: NO -- Need x Rares Rare, 4 Uncommons Uncommon, x Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials

01/40 Adult Brown Dragon
02/40 Air Archon Zephyrhaunt
03/40 Aurak Draconian Rare X1
04/40 Balor (V) (H) Uncommon X1
05/40 Barghest Savager
06/40 Beholder Ultimate Tyrant (Beholder Hive Lord) (V) (H) Uncommon X1
07/40 Bolraza, Priestess of Bane (Unique)
08/40 Chillfire Destroyer
09/40 Chuul
10/40 Djinn Stormsword Rare X1
11/40 Doomdreamer
12/40 Duergar Cleric of Asmodeus
13/40 Duergar Guard Common X2
14/40 Earth Archon Rumbler
15/40 Elder Green Dragon (V) (H) Uncommon
16/40 Elder Iron Dragon (V) (H) Uncommon X1
17/40 Foulspawn Hulk
18/40 Foulspawn Mangler Rare X1
19/40 Fourlspawn Seer
20/40 Frost Titan (V) (H) Uncommon
21/40 Githzerai Cenobite Rare X1
22/40 Githzerai Mindmage Rare X1
23/40 Goblin Cutter Common X1
24/40 Goritstro (V) (H) Uncommon
25/40 Hezrou
26/40 Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm Common X1
27/40 Human Rabble
28/40 Irontooth
29/40 Minotaur Thug Common X2
30/40 Psychic Sentinel Rare X1
31/40 Remorhaz (V) (H) Uncommon
32/40 Rimefire Griffon
33/40 Salamander Firetail Rare X1
34/40 Scarecrow Stalker Common X2
35/40 Sivak Draconian
36/40 Slaad Spawn
37/40 Storm Titan (V) (H) Uncommon X1
38/40 Talon Slaad
39/40 War Troll Rare X1
40/40 Yochlol Tempter

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