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D&D Dungeon Delve: Dangerous Delves (Monster Manual I) Set Checklist
(Bold indicates I need it; X indicates how many I have)

Total of 40+0 miniatures: 4 Rares Rare, 14 Uncommons Uncommon, 8 Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials
Uniques: 1
All Fourth Edition cards

Download the official Wizards of the Coast Dangerous Delves Set Checklist (available after release).

(V) = visible in packaging, all others are randomized
COMPLETE SET: NO -- Need x Rares Rare, 6 Uncommons Uncommon, x Commons Common, and 0 Known Special Known Specials

01/40 Aboleth Slime Mage (V) Uncommon X1
02/40 Arbalester Uncommon +1 without card
03/40 Aspect of Vecna
04/40 Banshrae Warrior
05/40 Beholder Eye Tyrant
06/40 Berbalang Uncommon X1
07/40 Bladerager Troll (V) Uncommon
08/40 Blood Scarab Common +2 without card
09/40 Bloodseeker Drake Common X1 +2 without card
10/40 Bonechill Chimera
11/40 Chain Devil
12/40 Clay Golem
13/40 Cyclops Crusher (V) Uncommon
14/40 Feygrove Choker Uncommon X1
15/40 Foulspawn Grue Common X1
16/40 Frost Giant (V) Uncommon
17/40 Ghaele of Winter Rare X1
18/40 Githyanki Warrior Rare X2 (1 for trade)
19/40 Githzerai Zerth
20/40 Gnoll Huntmaster
21/40 Goblin Delver
22/40 Goblin Sharpshooter Common X1
23/40 Gimlock Minion Common X2
24/40 Harpy Rare X1 +1 without card
25/40 Hellstinger Scorpion
26/40 Hippogriff (V) Uncommon X1
27/40 Kobold Wyrmpriest Uncommon +1 without card
28/40 Kruthik Young Common X1
29/40 Medusa Archer
30/40 Minotaur Battle Shaman
31/40 Orc Eye of Gruumsh Rare +1 without card
32/40 Orc Terrorblade Common +2 without card
33/40 Rust Monster Uncommon X1 +2 without card
34/40 Skalmad, the Troll King (V) (Unique) Uncommon X1
35/40 Snake Swarm Common X1
36/40 Unicorn (V) Uncommon
37/40 War Devil (V) Uncommon
38/40 Xen'drik Drow Stingblade
39/40 Young Gold Dragon
40/40 Yuan-Ti Fangblade Uncommon X1

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