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Icons: Gargantuan Black Dragon (Great Wyrm)
Release Date: August 2006

Total of 1 miniature

1/1 Gargantuan Black Dragon (Great Wyrm)
500 points

This monstrosity of dragons is the first gargantuan to be released in the D&D miniatures line. In the tradition of the Imperial AT-AT released in the Star Wars Miniatures line, this beast features an oversized game card with all its stats and special abilities.

At Level 15, this great wyrm packs a punch -- well, a bite at +24 dealing 45 magic damage or a claw at +22 dealing 30 magic damage.

Its special abilities include: Independent, Not Subject to Commander Effects, and Flight. Its flight speed is F6.

With an AC of 26 and 600 hit points -- it will be difficult for most normal parties to take it down. In addition, its melee reach of 3 will allow it to attack many melee characters that can't quite get to it yet.

Other special abilities include: Almighty (Not affected by allies' spells), Aura of Fear 5 (Enemies in squares threatened by this creature get morale save -5), Breath Weapon -- 2 uses (Line, 60 acid damage; DC 28), Crush 45 (Can move through a smaller enemy's space to deal 45 damage and Stun; DC 28), DR 5, Fearless, Immune Acid, Spell Resistance, Indomitable (If this creature is subject to any effect that would eliminate it but that does not deal damage, it is not destroyed but instead takes 100 damage), Massive (This creature can end its move in pits. It can move through and end its movement in walls as though in difficult terrain; it cannot see through walls. Enemies can attack this creature within a wall only if 1 full square of wall does not lie between it and the attacker.), Tail Slap 15 (15 damage to 1 adjacent enemy, and push it 2 squares if Huge or smaller); and Tail Sweep 20 (Cone; 20 damage; DC 28).

Here's the way it works... This creature begins with 600 hit points and 6 activations per round; each activation counts as 1 of your 2 activations in a phase. On each activation, choose 1 of the options below. Each option can be used only once per round. For every 100 points of damage this creature takes, reduce its number of activations by 1. Whenever a damage-dealing or other harmful effect would apply on each of this creature's activations, it affects only the first activation in each round.

Its options for activations are as follows: Move, Bite, Move & Claw, Move & Claw, Breath, Move & Crush, Tail Slap, or Tail Sweep. Because Move & Claw is listed twice, it could actually be done twice in a round.

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