T. Rob Brown's Sci-Fi novella

About the author

Currently employed as a photojournalist, T. Rob Brown spends most of his time behind a lens. Recently, though, he has gotten back into his hobby of writing fiction. Originally created in 1992, Future of the Past is being rewritten to reflect a more-mature view of the author's original vision.

T. Rob graduated from Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, in 1993 with a bachelor of arts degree in communications, mass media (journalism), and a minor in computer science.

He has seven years experience with daily newspapers as a reporter and photographer. In addition to his experience, he has won numerous photography awards on the state, regional and national levels.

Born in Massachusetts, the writer grew up in the Kansas City, Mo., area. He currently resides in Joplin, Mo., while working for the Joplin Globe newspaper.

"This story began as a hopeful novel I originally titled, Gyrobot. I altered the story and ended up with two novellas instead of one novel. As I continued to write on Future of the Past, the story went through evolution all over again. Before long, it in no-way resembled my original Gyrobot. Someday, I hope to bring Gyrobot back together, but in a new and better form.

Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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