A Day in the Life of King Arthur

My first short short (junior high)

King Arthur's days were extremely long. He would always get up in the mornings at 6 a.m. He loved to get up early and eat a large breakfast. After breakfast, he would go to his wife (the Lady Guinavier) and tell her good morning.

Then he would go to the cathedral and say his morning prayer. Afterwards, he would go to the sacred room that only he could enter. Within, he would shine his armor and sword, Excalibur. Everyday, he would wak up his lazy knights and send them off to do good deeds for the people of England.

After he had done all of this, he would go to the kitchen and test lunch to see if it would be good. Then he would wait at the dinner table to receive lunch. After lunch, he would go to church to say his afternoon prayer. After he returned, he would see if his wife wished to play a game of chess or checkers.

Either she would say "yes" and they would play, or he would go to the tournament area and practice his skills until supper. He would eat supper and go to the church for his evening prayer. If it was still light out, he would practice his skills: jousting, sword-fighting, dagger-throwing, archery, and thinking up a time to have the next tournament. He would do these things until it started getting dark. Then he would go to bed. He would get a good night's sleep, so he would be ready to tackle tomorrow.

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