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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

This is an excerpt I pulled down from a discussion years ago on the sci-fi newsgroups:

Newsgroups: alt.binaries.starwars

Subject: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Date: May 26, 1996

CJ wrote:

The one thing separating the Star Wars universe from Star Trek is all Star Trek movies (except for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn) SUCKED. All Trekkies want more movies (as Mr. Berry stated), but the one guarantee with the next new Trek movie is it will SUCK.

Star Wars movies will last through time because they are so good -- nobody can deny that, even the Trekkies. Star Trek fans keep using the argument, “Well, at least Star Trek has a series and new movies every once in a while.”

My message to Trekkies is this: If you want to settle for mediocrity and crappy movies, be my guest. I will wait patiently for the new SW movies and when they do come out in '97 or '98, I know you Trekkies will be the first in line to see them. Quality is something you don’t have!


Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the new Star Wars movies weren’t worth the wait...

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