T. Rob Brown’s Sci-Fi novella

Pronunciation Guide

    It has come to my attention the names of the Blobonians in this story are very difficult to pronounce. For some out there, who understand their origin, they will be easy to pronounce. But for most, they will be difficult to pronounce.

    If you aren’t pronounced-out yet, here’s a guide:

Archivero: (are-key-ve-ro)
Burbuja Pompa: (bur-boo-ha) (pome-pa)
Enojoso: (ee-no-ho-so)
Fibra: (fi-bra)
Jefatura: (he-fa-too-ra)
Noticia: (no-tee-see-a)
Notificar: (no-tee-fee-kar)
Timonero: (tee-mo-ne-ro)
Vejiga: (va-he-ga)

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