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All of T. Rob's journalism clips, computers, and more were destroyed by the May 2011 Joplin tornado. He is still working to acquire copies of his best stories.

Veteran journalist T. Rob has published journalism articles in the following publications: The Joplin Globe in Joplin, Mo., The Branson Daily News in Branson, Mo., The Carthage Press in Carthage, Mo., The Daily Star-Journal in Warrensburg, Mo., The Benton County Daily Record in Bentonville, Ark., The Daily Union in Junction City, Kan., The Chart at Missouri Southern State University, Zoomin' Magazine (former Kansas City Friends of the Zoo magazine), columnist for The Scatter arts & entertainment magazine published by The Joplin Globe, Avalon arts & entertainment supplement to The Chart, and The Envoy at William Chrisman High School in Independence, Mo.

During his tenure, T. Rob has covered hard spot news, general news, features, sports, served as a cops and fire beat reporter, local government reporter, education reporter, records page, and as general assignment reporter.

Newspaper column, "The Gamer's Life" by T. Rob Brown:

Link to Episode I of "The Gamer's Life" from 2003: http://t-rob.com/gl090103.htm

Link to "Evolution of the modern Medieval-fantasy style game" from "The Gamer's Life" in 2004: http://t-rob.com/gl060104.htm


For T. Rob's photojournalism contributions, please see the photo portfolio.

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