The Jedi Creed

By D. Kirkland

I believe in the reality of the Force:

The ultimate source of universal power,

binding life to life throughout the infinite reaches of space.

All that is, lives, moves and has being

wholly within the sphere of the power of the Force.


Alone, I am insignificant, yet I encompass all potential.

By talent and dedication I choose and am chosen

to wield the Force for the good of all beings;

to work for understanding and the brotherhood of the universe.


In partnership with the Force, and with my fellow Jedi,

I will guide, defend and protect those who come to me,

each according to his or her needs,

allowing each to choose their path without interference.

I will share my knowledge willingly and truthfully;

reserving only such information as may confuse or mislead.

I will deal compassionately with my fellow beings at all times.


The peace of all worlds is my charge;

Justice and freedom under just laws shall be the rights of all beings.

No threats or weakness shall turn me from my task.

I freely give my powers that no being need live in fear or oppression.


This day I renew my pledge, and reaffirm my charge.

I do willingly hold myself apart from those things

which conflict with the duties I have taken as my own.

For the rest of my life, however long or short,

the Force will guide me;

and I will answer to that higher power in the end.

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