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Select the below options to see my photo series on the 1999 Miss USA Pageant in Branson, Mo.

Miss USA Announced

Branson, Mo., Mayor Lou Schaefer accepts the official crown and sash from Miss USA 1998 so they can be stored safely for the February 1999 event.

Miss USA Preparations 1

A local hair stylist helps Miss Oklahoma 1998 get ready for the opening ceremony of the 1999 competition in Branson, Mo.

Miss USA Preparations 2

A pageant photographer looks over some digital still images as Miss Kentucky 1998 poses for digital promotional and website photos.

Miss USA Preparations 3

An electrical worker installs backup power lines at the Grand Palace in case of a power loss during the live telecast.

Miss USA Opening Ceremony

Miss Kansas 1998 hugs a Branson Elementary School student who made a piece of art in school and gave it to the delegate during the opening ceremony. Each delegate was escorted by an Eagle Scout from the Tri-Lakes Area or a surrounding county.

Miss USA Preliminary Show 1

Miss Georgia 1998 poses during the swimsuit competition at the preliminary show.

Miss USA Preliminary Show 2

One of the most elegant evening gowns was this one worn by Miss Mississippi 1998 during the preliminary show.

Miss USA 1999 Crowned

During the moment each delegate had been anticipating, Miss New York 1998 was crowned Miss USA 1999 during the pageant's live telecast.

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