T. Rob Brown's Sci-Fi novella

Alien races descriptions

Android: bipedal metallic being, very strong, super intelligent, slow moving. Reproduction -- electromagnetism impulse.

Arthropid: bipedal arthropod-like being, exoskeleton, strong, not very intelligent, slightly agile and quick, insect-like and/or arachnid-like abilities, weak eyes -- able to see infrared and X-ray only. Reproduction -- sexual.

Avarian: bipedal bird-like being, ability to fly, weak-boned, fast, agile, mildly intelligent. Reproduction -- sexual.

Dinosauroid: bipedal reptile-like being, three fingers, oddly shaped head, large oval-shaped eyes, virtually no jaw, fairly fast, fairly agile, fairly intelligent. Reproduction -- sexual.

Felinoid: bipedal feline-like being, paws, claws, long teeth, static-electrically charged fur, excellent hearing, good sight, agile, very fast, fairly intelligent. Reproduction -- sexual.

Gasoid: gaseous being, takes many forms, but cannot be solid or liquid -- even in appearance, can fit through any crack -- excellent spies, very intelligent, very weak, any breeze or cold can deteriorate and/or age them. Reproduction -- asexual.

Humanoid: bipedal mammal-like being, hands, feet, fairly fast, very intelligent, no special abilities, war-like. Note: Mrodins (Homo sapios) are humanoid, but have been genetically altered for hundreds of years and have slower reflexes than normal humans (Homo sapiens), they are slightly more intelligent and more easily angered, but are weaker and can't withstand disease as well. Reproduction -- sexual.

Impulsoid: electrical energy being, very powerful for attacking at close range, uses electrical impulses to attack, is difficult to see, good saboteur or assassin, fairly intelligent, weak in strength -- water diffuses being, non-conductors absorb its power, nearly extinct -- planet destroyed. Reproduction -- asexual.

Liquidoid: liquid being, takes any form, but cannot be gaseous, advantage of great degree is ability to look solid and feel solid to the touch, the perfect spies, fairly intelligent, fairly fast, fairly strong. Tarbon liquidoids are somewhat more intelligent than their Blobonian counterparts, but are less strong and much slower. Reproduction -- asexual.

Shiftoid: chemical being, can take absolutely any form -- be it gaseous, liquid, or solid; is not just a shape-shifter, but actually changes the structure of the atoms and molecules in its body. Little is known about these beings, except they are evil and are allies of the Mrodins. Reproduction -- unknown.

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