By J. Redd

This poem is based on characters and situations created and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made by digital publication of this material and no infringement is intended.


I came

without father or mother

they took me in

raised me as though I was their own



I stand

the grief burns inside me

until my heart is as seared

as the bodies before me



comes to teach me

wonders beyond imagining

but he is cut down

gone in a heartbeat

leaving me once again



A dream

a journey

I seek out a master

a mentor

size matters not

luminous beings are we

strength flows from the Force


But I must go

I cannot stay

I will come back

I promise

so I leave my master




it can't be true

it must be a lie

his words rend my heart

as his blade severs my hand

the pain of the former

greater than the pain of the latter


Death of a dream

losing him again

a burden that must be borne

in secret

must be borne




a tiny flame

there is still good

buried within

my father is alive

deep inside


A promise to keep

a journey to make

master don't leave me

you have so much to teach me

I can't go on



Again I face him


come with me

see what I see

throw off the mask

that conceals the man

I know you to be


You don't know the power

of the Dark Side

I must obey my master

as will you

he is your master now


A test

a battle

without and within

I will not turn

I am a Jedi

like my father before me


Young fool

you will pay the price

for your lack of vision

white hot agony

consumes me

Father please

help me


The light of the Force

kindles goodness

banishes darkness

a Jedi returned

a father reclaimed


I wish

I could have

known him longer

been stronger

saved his life

as well as his soul


For now

I am once again








have gone the way of all things

it is the way of the Force


Who will guide me

who will help me

I must rebuild what is destroyed

find what is lost

teach what is forgotten

who will help me

pass on what I have learned?

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