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D&D Minis: War Drums at retailers

At Retailers (March 1, 2006) In the distance, the sound of the War Drums echo over the rolling hills as the armies prepare to face off in mortal combat.

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures: War Drums was released this week at retailers in the United States. This new set features a higher amount of fighter classes and various warrior factions than previous D&D Minis sets.

Fans of Eberron’s warforged will be happy to find four new warforged in this army’s ranks: Warforged Captain, Warforged Scout, Warforged Bodyguard, and the Warforged Barbarian. With the uncanny success of Eberron, it’s no surprise this race would be so featured in this set.

Dragon fans will be pleased to see the Large Bronze Dragon, which has an excellent paint job and sculpt as do a great many of the miniatures in this set. Several longtime minis fans at Changing Hands Book Shoppe in Joplin, Mo., reported they thought this was the best-painted set of D&D Minis they’ve seen yet.

This set also includes six Epic characters, as first introduced in the last release: D&D Minis: Underdark.

War Drums is the third set of D&D Minis to come in a starter box in addition to the standard booster boxes. Starter boxes retail for $19.95 and include several extra miniatures, including two specific ones (commons) for a specific combat scenario included in the box. The starter box also includes two new maps for the minis game. Booster boxes include the standard eight minis and retail at $12.95.

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SW Minis: Attack on Endor beginsStar Wars Lightsaber

At Retailers (March 1, 2006) If the yapping noises of Ewoks and the zapping noises of blaster rifles weren’t enough to let you know the Attack on Endor had begun, the shaking of the trees as the Imperial AT-ST stomps its way on through might be your final answer.

Star Wars Miniatures: Attack on Endor was released this week at retailers in the United States. This new set features a repaint of the AT-ST huge miniature released in the SW Minis: Universe set in August 2005 and re-releases of three Imperial troops: Scout Trooper, Stormtrooper and Stormtrooper Officer. The only differences are a different symbol on the bottom of the minis as well as a different symbol on their cards. All you need to complete this scene is a small, rag-tag army of Ewoks to slaughter at will. Ewoks were part of the SW Minis: Rebel Storm set released in August 2004 and later re-released in 2005.

This new set retails for $19.95 and also includes two double-sided maps and a scenario booklet that also includes statistics for several characters (and also the BARC Speeder and Boga the varactyl, aka Obi-Wan’s mount from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith) for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Edition d20 by Wizards of the Coast. Fans of the Expanded Universe will be pleased to get RPG stats for Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of computer games), Dark Trooper Phase III (from the same games), Grand Admiral Thrawn (from Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy of novels), Baron Fel (Imperial pilot from the Rogue Squadron novels), plus Prince Xizor and his follower Guri (both from the Shadows of the Empire novel and games).

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Privateer Press unleashes Hordes
Warmachine creators expand miniatures offering

Privateer Press (Feb. 24, 2006) "Let slip the beasts of war" reads an advertisement for Privateer Press’ newest miniatures offering, Hordes.

Hordes Warpacks unleash in April 2006 at retailers who also offer Privateer Press’ highly-successful Warmachine line. In fact, Hordes and Warmachine are compatible.

"In Hordes, the feral twin of the award-winning miniatures game Warmachine, experience battle like never before as you pit your warlock and his pack of warbeasts against one another in an epic clash of primal rage," reads the Hordes advertisement in Dungeon 133, April 2006. "Then, take your battles to the next level and send beast against machine with these two completely-compatible games."

For those unfamiliar with Warmachine, it’s a miniatures game where you take control of an army of Warjacks, ash-spewing, steam-belching iron giants of destruction. They are available in battleboxes at retailers.

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